Marengo Animal Feed Store - the healthy alternative

The modern dog still displays a number of fascinating similarities with its ancestor, the wolf. When looking at the development history, the domestication of dogs has led to changes in the digestion activity, metabolism and nutrient requirements, which have been considered with the Marengo nutrition concept. To feed dogs in a species-appropriate and optimal manner, Marengo FRESH Feed is based on natural feeding that contains no synthetic additives and considers the dogs? individual nutrition demands.

In contrast to wolves, when dogs are fed crude meat, this leads to digestion irritations in the long run, which is reflected in the form of flatulence, diarrhoea, etc. For this reason the meat proportion in Marengo FRESH Feed is provided in a processed form and not raw. Processed meat promotes the formation of a healthy microflora and the dog?s entire immune system is strengthened by this means. 

The relaunched Marengo dry dog food products

Dog Rearing

Principally Marengo, with Marengo Pup Milk, Marengo Puppy Brei and Marengo Junior, offers three proven products for the natural rearing of pups and young dogs.

  • Marengo goats milk: pure goat?s whole milk powder for rearing motherless puppies; in the event of a milk shortage by the mother dog, or for use with large litters.
  • Marengo Puppy porridge: puppy porridge as introduction to more solid food, used along with the Mother?s milk.
  • Marengo Junior: a natural complete dog food for a healthy, additive-free rearing