Hall spotlights, outdoor spotlights & radiant heaters: Buy stable lighting from Agrarzone

Stable lighting has to endure more than lighting for private rooms. Hall spotlights, outdoor lights, damp-proof lights and infrared reflectors are ideal for illuminating stables and riding arenas and provide cozy warmth in your stable.

An animal stable must be optimally adapted to the economic requirements. Every animal has species-appropriate standards, which must be met for economic success and healthy animals. In addition to the accommodation in the stable, the stable building and important stable aspects such as windows or doors, the stable lighting is of crucial importance.

If you want to run your stable efficiently and sensibly, without accepting unnecessary energy costs and also keeping the animals kept in the stable in the best possible and appropriate manner, then you need optimally tailored stable lighting that meets all the requirements and requirements for agricultural lighting standards.

Only those who already pay attention to the best possible manageability in the stable lighting and know the species-appropriate needs of their stable animals will receive an lighting system that has a positive influence on everyday farming.

At Agrarzone you will find a wide range of different lights & luminaires, with which you can optimally illuminate almost any environment in addition to stables, riding arenas and stables.

This should meet modern stable lighting:

  • Modern and innovative
  • Energy efficient and contributes to a positive energy balance
  • Should meet the special needs of the species
  • Should make the stable as usable as possible without creating unnecessary costs
  • Is available in different models and designs

Our lamps & indoor spotlights are suitable for the following environments:

  • Animal stable & paddock
  • Courtyard & riding hall
  • Industrial hall
  • Workshop
  • storage hall
  • Commercial operation
  • Outdoor area & green area

You can buy this stable lighting at Agrarzone:

  • Hall spotlights: Hall spotlights are ideal for stable lighting and in waterproof and dustproof versions for illuminating outdoor areas.
  • Damp-proof lights: Perfectly suited for rough use in wet, damp or dusty environments such as stables, paddocks and riding halls.
  • Outdoor lamps: pasture and paddock are optimally illuminated with a robust and splash-proof outdoor spotlight.
  • Work lamps: Particularly stable, impact-resistant construction spotlight for the construction site and outdoors.
  • Infrared reflectors: Infrared reflectors provide sufficient warmth in the animal house and especially in the rearing for a healthy development of the young animals.

Stable lighting systems for stables and paddocks: Hall spotlights, damp-proof lights & outdoor spotlights

A luminaire is not just a luminaire - The right lighting for your stable

The foundation of every stable lighting today is the lighting system, so the connection of individual lighting elements and their optimal placement in the animal house. When planning the stable, you should already pay attention to the lighting, because a luminaire in the wrong place not only results in limited usability of the room, but also unnecessary costs in planning and implementation.

Incorrectly chosen lighting systems can also do more harm than good. If you need very strong lighting in individual sections of the room, you should take this into account when planning the barn, because not every barn light can implement the appropriate brightness. It is best to select the barn lighting when planning the barn in order to be able to guarantee the room brightness in the corresponding room.

Our spotlights for stable lighting are excellent for illuminating stables, riding halls, industrial halls, workshops, stables, warehouses and much more. suitable. However, depending on the area of application, different illuminants are particularly suitable. At Agrarzone you will find spotlights for the following areas of application:

Hall spotlights & hall lights for indoor use

Hall spotlights are ideal for stall lighting using ceiling lamps or wall-mounted lighting segments. Corresponding hall lights meet the important criteria that are placed on stable lighting such as optimal brightness, energy efficiency, insensitivity to dirt and dust and durability.

The Kerbl LED indoor spotlight is a robust LED luminaire and is ideally suited for direct or suspended installation on high ceiling structures. As dimmable or non-dimmable versions in 100 W, 150 W or 240 W, the LEDs of the hall spotlight work with a high degree of efficiency and are therefore very efficient, their light output the yield is particularly high. Even at low temperatures, the hall spotlight ensures natural stable lighting. Thanks to the excellent workmanship, the LED hall spotlight is absolutely maintenance-free.

With a hall spotlight with flexible modules you have guaranteed optimal light distribution in large stables and halls. The spotlight is protected against water jets, dustproof (IP65) and also suitable for outdoor use. In conjunction with a lighting control, you can ensure optimal lighting conditions in your stable at any time of the day and at the same time minimize power consumption.

Moisture-proof luminaire & dump-proof light for dusty, wet and damp environments

Whether in the stable or garage, in the stable, in the basement or in the garden house - Damp rooms need a special type of illuminant. The LED damp-proof lamp (also moisture-proof luminaire) is ideal for this purpose. With its economical and energy-efficient illuminant and special properties, it is ideally suited to the requirements in damp rooms. Damp-proof luminaires consist of a plastic diffuser that encloses and protects the lamp and the socket.

With damp-proof lights you can ensure moisture-resistant lighting in wet, damp and dusty environments. This makes them ideal not only for private but also for commercial use. Depending on the protection class and the nature of the housing, damp-proof luminaires are very sturdy and defy wetness, moisture, low temperatures and dust.

Construction spotlights, work lights & outdoor spotlights for outdoor

Compared to an indoor spotlight, an outdoor spotlight must be significantly more robust and waterproof. Basically, spotlights are very bright headlights. These useful helpers can be used wherever a normal light source would not be sufficient. Construction spotlights are often used, for example as LED worklights, in a floodlight system or as separate construction site lighting, because LED worklights generally have a very high luminosity.

Professional LED outdoor spotlights impress with their modern, compact design and excellent luminosity, which reflects the latest state of LED technology. Our LED outdoor spotlights and outdoor lights are particularly efficient and have an attractive price-performance ratio. Compared to ordinary spotlights, you can achieve high energy cost savings with our outdoor lights and enjoy many other advantages of LED lighting.

An mobile LED Battery Spotlight with an integrated Li-ion battery with charge status indicator and integrated overcharge and deep discharge protection is particularly practical. So you can take the lighting with you wherever you need it. Whether on the construction site, on the pasture or in the garden - The LED battery spotlight is particularly flexible thanks to an infinitely adjustable stand that can also be used as a handle or hanging bracket. The robust plastic housing is splash-proof and optimally protected from bumps by a silicone edge protection.

Infrared Reflectors for the animal stable & healthy rearing of chicks, calves, pigs and much more.

Infrared reflectors are not necessarily used for stable lighting, but rather provide sufficient nest warmth for newborn or young chicks, calves and other young animals. A infrared reflectors also helps sick animals to recover. The aluminum screen is equipped with many ventilation slots to ensure better air circulation.

The tempered glass heat lamp is protected by a grid and a fastening chain is included. With a infrared reflectors with saver switch, you can save additional energy and still generate cozy warmth for your animals.

You should pay attention to this when planning the stable lighting

Stall lighting is a factor that unfortunately is still neglected by many farmers. In order to achieve goal-oriented and economically successful stable lightingstable lighting must be combined with many aspects of stable planning. There are two main points you should consider when planning your stable lighting:

1. Plan house lighting yourself or have it planned professionally

The planning of the stable can nowadays be done independently, because various planning programs for the computer meanwhile enable the planning of the lighting of a stable even without know-how.

Even if the planning of the stable on your own may be attractive, it makes more sense to leave the planning to an expert. The complex interplay of lighting, electronics and energy efficiency is often difficult to grasp for an untrained person, and so professional planning of barn lighting definitely offers many advantages.

With regard to energy efficiency in particular, an expert can adapt and plan more precisely and to the relevant conditions in your barn. The usability of the barn lighting and its effects are usually better and more effective if they are planned by a professional planning office. In any case, you should not save in the wrong place if you want a really professionally well-founded implementation of your stable lighting.

2. Maintenance & renewal of the barn lighting

How quickly and easily can burned-out light bulbs be changed in your barn lighting? A far too often neglected point during the planning of the stable lighting is the maintenance of the individual light segments and their renewal with lamps.

Plan the barn lighting so that you can replace light bulbs and light segments without great effort and time. Especially in the area of ceiling lighting, it is advantageous if the lighting is not directly via the stall boxes, because then it is extremely tedious to get to the ceiling lamps and changing the light bulb becomes a time-consuming undertaking.

When planning your barn lighting, you should also pay attention to regular maintenance work. Replacement of glasses or maintenance on the outer shell of the barn lighting, replacement of lamps and, if necessary, replacement of individual or entire lighting segments. When planning the stable lighting, consider that these tasks should at best be carried out by one person. If several helpers, accessories etc. are needed, then you should rethink your barn planning again, because in normal agricultural everyday life there is little time for time-consuming work on the barn lighting.

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