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Chicken nesting box & laying nest for your chicken coop at Agrarzone

You should offer your hens a species-appropriate laying nest so that you can find and enjoy the tasty hens' eggs. A laying nest for chickens effectively increases the willingness of your hens to lay and saves you the hunt for eggs in unsuitable and remote places.

When it comes to keeping chicken, you are probably thinking about consuming your own freshly laid chicken eggs. Hens who are happy to lay themselves choose a place to lay their hen eggs. For this reason, a chicken laying nest that meets the needs of the hens is part of the basic equipment of every chicken coop.

If the hens do not have a laying nest available, they often have to lay the eggs in inconvenient and remote places, like in the shed, in the garden under shrubs and bushes or on the manure board.

Advantages of laying nests:

  • The hens feel particularly comfortable in a clean, warm and darkened laying nest
  • Thanks to a laying nest, you can enjoy fresh and clean eggs
  • You save yourself the egg hunt and can easily remove the chicken eggs from the laying nest
  • Special chicken nesting boxes increase this convenience even more
  • Especially on cool days, a warm laying nest increases the willingness of your hens to lay more than laying outdoors

The perfect laying nest for keeping chickens in the Agrarzone poultry shop

If you only keep a few chickens, a single nesting box is the right choice. The Kerbl plastic laying nest with collecting container and plastic step makes it easy to remove the chicken eggs and offers chickens a clean, protected environment in which to lay the eggs.

For a larger group of hens or even a whole flock of hens, you should choose a larger nesting box that offers the chickens enough space. A wooden laying nesting box is suitable for many chickens and is a comfortable and safe environment for your poultry to lay their eggs.

If you do not want to disturb your hens laying eggs and you want to be able to check at any time whether fresh chicken eggs have been laid, then an automatic chicken nesting box is ideal. Thanks to the plastic floor with collecting tray under the plastic entry, you can remove the eggs quickly, easily and, above all, cleanly without disturbing your hens while laying. At Agrarzone you will find various automatic chicken nesting boxes nests with either one compartment for up to 3 chickens, two compartments or three compartments for up to 10 chickens.

A chicken egg made from wood or tone is a must for every laying nest. With an artificial nest egg you encourage your chickens to lay successfully and you can look forward to fresh chicken eggs every day. Young chickens, in particular, are very grateful to be shown where to lay their eggs. Artificial nest eggs also encourage the acceptance of new laying nests, because every hen likes to lay eggs where another "chicken" has already laid her eggs.

Single laying nest, large laying nest or automatic chicken nesting box

Basically, hens are extremely social and like to live in groups. Hens like to lay their hens' eggs in single laying nests and also like large laying nests. Depending on the size of the chicken coop, it is up to you whether you buy a large chicken laying nest or a several single nesting boxes or even a comfortable automatic chicken nesting box. When choosing the laying nest, it is best to consider the species-appropriate needs of your hens such as the number of poultry, the breed of poultry and the size of the animals.

In summary, the following indicators help you choose the perfect laying nesting box for your chicken farming:

  • Size of the hen house
  • Number of chickens
  • Poultry breed & poultry size

The specialist store offers chicken laying nests in different materials. You can choose between a wooden laying nest, a metal laying nest and a plastic laying nest. Plastic laying nests are the easiest to clean. Wood looks particularly cozy and natural. For this, a wooden laying nest must be regularly treated against parasites and maybe be brushed with lime. Metal chicken nests are usually automatic laying nests.

There are these types of laying nests:

Single nesting boxes for a few chickens: For breeding and laying chickens

The size of the single laying nest is ideally based on the respective breed of chicken. For small breeds of chicken such as bantams, a nest size of 30 cm in width and depth and 40 cm in height is sufficient. When keeping larger chicken breeds, you should rather fall back on a depth of 40 cm, so that your chickens have more space to lay the chicken eggs.

You can practice single laying nest next to each other or partly on top of each other according to your taste and are usually closed on three sides. One side of the chicken nest remains open as an entrance for the hens. Thanks to the closed sides, a single laying nest is particularly dark and therefore optimally tailored to the ability of chickens to lay. This allows the hens to lay or hatch their eggs in a warm, dark place undisturbed.

If you run a chicken farm, you should definitely use several single nesting boxes. In a single nesting box, you can move the brooding hen and nest to a sheltered, quiet place without any problems. This can be important so that the hen is not disturbed by the other chickens while they are brooding and does not leave the nest prematurely.

Large nest for larger groups of chickens: Because hens prefer to be together

If your hens can choose between a single laying nest and a laying nest for hen groups, most hens will prefer the large group laying nest, because this chicken nest offers more space. How large the group nest should be depends on the number of poultry in your hen house. For 10 chickens there should be at least one square meter for the laying nest. Now and then the hens also like it cuddly and make themselves comfortable in a smaller area.

In order to be able to offer the chickens in a large nesting box a qualitative comfort, the chicken nest should be appropriately darkened and cleaned regularly. Because a chicken that feels good lays a particularly large number of best quality chicken eggs.

Basically, less time has to be planned for cleaning a large chicken laying nest than for several single chicken laying nests.

Automatic chicken laying nest: This way your hens will not be disturbed when laying

An automatic chicken laying nest (also known as a automatic chicken nesting box) is basically made of a stable, rust-free metal and offers several advantages over conventional chicken nesting boxes:

  • The chicken laying nests have a collecting tray for egg removal. Thanks to the plastic floor with collecting tray under the plastic entry, you can remove the chicken eggs quickly, easily and cleanly.
  • You can easily access the eggs from the outside without opening the nesting box. So you can always check whether there are fresh chicken eggs without disturbing your laying hens in the laying nest.
  • The plastic step at the entrance allows the chicken to get on easily.
  • Since the eggs roll into the collecting drawer, these poultry nests are also called roll-off nests.

At Agrarzone you will find various automatic chicken nesting boxes nests with either one compartment for up to 3 chickens, two compartments or three compartments for up to 10 chickens.

Questions and answers on the subject of chicken laying boxes and chicken laying nests

Question 1: How many chicken nesting boxes do I need?

Depending on the age and breed of your hen, it lays between 170 and 350 eggs per year, but only hybrid chickens specially bred for factory farming can achieve the high laying performance of up to 350 eggs per year. So you don't have to buy a separate chicken nesting box for each hen.

Basically: One chicken laying nest is enough for three to max. five chickens. If you have enough space in the chicken coop, you can be generous and offer your chickens a more spacious chicken nest (like 1 chicken nest for 3 chickens).

Question 2: What is the minimum size of the chicken laying nest?

The size of the nesting box depends on the breed of chicken. Do you keep bantams or small breeds of chickens? Then a chicken nest with an area of 30 x 30 cm is sufficient. Larger chicken breeds such as German salmon chickens or Brahmas weigh up to 4 kg and need a correspondingly larger chicken nest. For them, the chicken nest should have an area of at least 40 x 40 cm.

Basically: The nest height of around forty centimeters is absolutely sufficient for all chicken breeds.

Question 3: Where do you put the chicken nest?

Regardless of whether it is an automatic chicken nesting box, an single chicken laying nest or a large nesting box for many hens: Most of our chicken nests at Agrarzone are ideal for hanging, because most hens like to lay their eggs at an "airy" height.

Ideally, you should mount the chicken nests at a height of about one meter. The chicken nests should be placed next to each other and at the same height as possible. Since chickens find higher chicken nests more attractive, the lower chicken nests would otherwise remain empty.

Note: If the nesting box is installed higher than one meter, a chicken ladder is necessary so that the hens can get into the nesting box more easily.

Question 4: What does the perfect nesting box for my hens look like?

A chicken nest that is optimally tailored to your hens ensures eager, happy chickens and excellent quality of your chicken eggs. The perfect laying nest for your hens ...

  • ... is for three to a maximum of five hens,
  • ... has a sufficiently large area of 40 x 40 cm & a height of also 40 cm,
  • ... is easy to clean,
  • ... hygienic and dry,
  • ... is in a quiet and relaxed place that gives the hens a good overview,
  • ... is equipped with clean and soft bedding.

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