Keron work gloves - professional tool - professional work!

The brand Keron is a glove series of Albert Kerbl GmbH, which specifically targets users with special challenges. Whether it's heat, cold, precision work, multiple applications, vibration protection and much more, you'll always get innovative gloves made of the best materials with optimum comfort and superior properties.

Keron Active Mechanics is a glove series targeted at users with special challenges. Designed for demanding work - be it heat, cold, precision work, versatile use, vibration protection and much more - you will find your fitting tool. With this series of high-tech gloves you achieve the optimum combination of functionality, flexibility, durability and protection. Whichever model you choose, you will always receive innovative gloves made from the best materials, with optimum comfort and outstanding properties.

Possible properties include:

  • extremely good fit and low weight. The glove for precision work.
  • exceptional grip, perfect fit, breathable - with nothing better than with this glove
  • comfort meets robustness. Comfortable and safe all-round protection for the entire hand thanks to extensive abrasion protection.
  • firm fit, elastic back of the hand, good fit - your reliable companion for all daily tasks
  • safe, balanced, no abrasion, complete all-round protection - High quality for long-lasting use.

How do I find the perfect protection for my hands?

You have already found him! The Keron gloves combine function, flexibility, durability and protection! The Keron protective gloves are mainly used in the crafts, but also in the health or gastronomic field. Among the most important models are: Mechanics, Driver, Garden, Works Assembly, Works special, Works Winter and disposable gloves.

To find the right glove, you need to find out what properties your work glove should define. The special characteristics of the gloves are indicated by pictograms, which are clearly visible on the packaging or the glove itself. These pictograms reflect certain minimum requirements according to the specific standard EN 388.

Under the pictograms or in the product description are then signs for the performance levels that meets the glove. The higher a number, the better the protective function of the product. If the figure shows an "X", this means that the glove is not suitable for the application.

Working gloves - the right one for every job

In crafting welders additionally need protection for their forearms. Therefore, these safety gloves are bigger than others. If, for example, you work as a landscape gardener in the open air, special garden gloves or winter gloves may be the right thing for you. In the medical or gastronomic environment, disposable gloves are important because of hygiene. Here, it is important to keep the spread of viruses and bacteria as low as possible. Thus, the risks of spreading germs and contracting diseases remain low.