Equestrian sportswear for every discipline

In this category you will find many equestrian products around the horse. The training of a young horse begins with ground work and lunging . By lunging, the horse trains his balance and is also doing gymnastics on the side. Since not every horse responds equally to exercises or aids, we at schnauzerl.com offer you a large selection of lunge accessories.

From Icelandic horses to western horses and carriage horses

For our lousy longhair horses and our very small four-legged friends there is a special category. Since Icelanders have a special exterior, there are halters and bridles especially for this breed of horse. You will find ready-made bridles or simple head pieces and noseband in the category Icelandic Horses. For Shettys there is everything from halters and blankets, to harness and saddles, everything the miniature heart desires!
For the cowboys among you, there is the appropriate riding equipment in our Western category. And for all of you who have fallen in love with the driving sport there are driving harnesses cheap to buy from us.

Enjoy the great offers for horse accessories at schnauzerl.com!