Horse blankets and accessories easy to buy online

We from Schnauzerl offer you a large selection of different horse blankets. Suitable horse blankets are important for the horse and keep depending on the model dry and warm or protect against annoying flies and brakes. Horse blankets are available with different functions and sizes. Here in the horse blanket shop of Schnauzerl you will find many different horse blanket models favorably from reputable manufacturers such as Busse, Covalliero and Kerbl.

Why putting blankets on horses?

There are many good reasons why horses should be covered. Many active riders shear their horses in the transitional period or in winter, so that the horse sweats less while riding or dry faster in the winter and so diseases are avoided. Special winter blankets compensate the lack of winter fur. Outdoor rugs are available in different feeds for every season.

Waterproof rugs and rugs are made from a special fabric to keep out moisture and wind from the horse's coat. In this way, diseases and problems in the musculoskeletal system can be prevented, as the sensitive back and kidneys of the horse remain dry.

Fly rug with neck piece for a natural fly protection

Zebra horse rugs for horses are not only an eye-catcher, but are also an effective protection against annoying flies and insects. In addition, in the summer, eczema blankets, flying blankets, fly masks and blankets provide protection against insects and harmful UV radiation (such as in eczema horses). The airy blankets are made of a tight-meshed, lightweight fabric, so the annoying pest ghosts have no chance to harass the horse in the pasture or on horseback. You can read more tips on fly protection for horses in our blog? Fly protection for horses: Tips & Tricks for fly defense

Can you wash horse rugs?

A very clear YES! Anyone who regularly lays his horse must also wash his horse blanket. All our models are washable. For more detailed questions about the model, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly give you information on every model, whether you can wash the horse blanket in the washing machine and at how many degrees. Use our contact form or call us.

Horse blankets cheap & high quality

In today's horses, horses live under very different conditions than in the natural habitat. They work and sweat a lot, while the horses in the wild with their forces household to save themselves in case of emergency. In nature, horses seek shelter from cold, wind and rain under trees or behind hedges. When grazing this natural protection devices are only partially given. The right horse blanket you buy here in Schnauzerl. We also offer horse blankets for shettys, horses with a narrow chest and Baroque horses such as Friesian.