Grooming Equipment & Horse Care

Horse health includes everything you need to keep your horse healthy from the inside out.

The right daily care is important to keep your horse happy and healthy and is the perfect way to spend your time with the animal. Children can care for their favorite ponies with brushes specially designed for their smaller hands. In this way, they playfully learn how to deal with the animals, and after a hard day's work can be cuddled extensively. Regular hoof care with hoof scratches and brushes from Kerbl, Oster and Co. can prevent problems. Every complete horse care set requires at least one hoof pick with brush to ensure hoof health.

Here you will find everything you need for the health of your horse - so that your horse stays healthy and strong and leads a happy life. Routine washing after strenuous exercise or to remove mud and stains is a feat with the creative plaster sponges. The hair and mane care is of course quickly done with the mild horse shampoos of Kerbl, Easter, buses and MagicBrush.

Finished with the care of the horse, the utensils can be stored in a cleaning box or a cleaning bag until next time clean and tidy.