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The horse has to change fur twice a year. Many riders ask themselves the question: Do I have to shear my horse and if so, how do I shear my horse? On this page you will find the right horse clipper and useful information about horse clipping. You can find further themed equipment for horses, riders and riding style in our Agrarzone-Shop.

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Overview of this page:

  • How to find the right horse clipper
  • Do I have to shear my horse?
  • How do I shear my horse properly? - The perfect horse shearing in just 3 steps!
  • Practical products for horse stables and riding stables

How to find the right horse clipper

Choosing the right horse clipper should be tailored to your preferences and your horse's needs. There are many different reasons why a horse is shorn. Regardless of whether it is protecting the animal, removing excess fur after changing the fur or trimming show animals - the right choice of horse cutting machine is particularly important.

To find the right horse clipping machine, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Full or detailed shearing: If you shear the entire horse or larger parts of the horse, you should choose a medium to strong clipper. Powerful clippers such as Wahl Star horse clipper or Wahl Legend horse clipper are excellent for this. If you use the clipper mainly for detailed work such as scissors around the eyes, genital area or legs, there are more manageable clippers such as Heiniger saphir clipper or Wahl Avalon horse clipper perfectly adequate.
  2. Performance: If you shear several horses in a row, you should use a shearing machine with more power like Wahl Star horse clipper or Wahl Legend horse clipper. If you shear only one horse, a medium-strength clipper such as Heiniger XPLORER clipper.
  3. Breed-typical skin characteristics: If you want to shear a bib shear for warm-blooded horses with fine hair, you can use a small shearing machine like the Aesculap Libra. If you want to shear horses with thicker fur (like pony or Shetland pony), you should use a strong clipper.
  4. Mains or battery operation: Depending on the conditions at the operating location of the clipper, a wired or cordless clipper is the better option. If you do not want to do without both advantages, you can use a hybrid machine such as Wahl KM Cordless Horse Clipper or Aesculap FAV5 CL Hybrid.
  5. Handling: As a rule, shearing machines with a plastic housing are lighter and less expensive than those with a metal housing. Non-slip housings and hand straps provide help when working. Most models with their slim and ergonomically shaped housing ensure fatigue-free working and comfortable one-hand operation.
  6. Weight: Pay attention to the weight of the horse clipping machine. The lighter the clipper, the less tired your arms will be.
  7. Noise sensitivity: For noise-sensitive and fearful horses, a quiet and low-vibration shearing machine is more pleasant like Adore clipper or Aesculap Econom Equipe.
  8. Replacement cutting set: It makes sense to have a sufficient replacement of clipping blades like shaving knives and shaving heads at hand.
  9. Accessories for clippers: With a Cool-Spray & Clean-Spray the clipper stays clean, sharp and cool. Clipper oil promotes the life of the clipper. Whether practical wall mounts for clippers, fur dryers with a grooming brush or shaving stencils for horses - at Agrarzone you will find a large selection of professional and practical accessories for clippers!

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Do I have to shear my horse?

Whether your horse needs to be shaved depends on whether you don't ride the horse at all or only occasionally in the crotch in winter or whether you are an ambitious athletic rider who trains the horse even on cold days and travels a long time.

If you like to go on horse rides for hours during the cold season and spend a lot of time rubbing your fur or running dry, you should shear your horse. With a horse shearing you protect your horse from colds by cooling down and excessive sweating. A short coat also does not stick as quickly as long coat and is easier to keep clean. If the horse is only moderately ridden in winter, the horse does not have to be shorn. Unshortened horses are less susceptible to chafing and fungal diseases than shorn horses.

Our tip: Put a horse blanket on your darling already in late summer, because this will make the winter fur grow more slowly.

How to help your horse while changing fur:

The coat change process is very stressful for the horse's organism. With thorough grooming, you can help your horse during the change of fur. Thoroughly cleaning the fur not only removes the lower skin and dead skin cells, it also stimulates the horse's blood circulation.

How do I shear my horse properly? - The perfect horse shearing in just 3 steps!

Preparation for horse scissors is at least as important as the shearing process itself. With the right preparation, you save time, protect your equipment and can shear your horse without problems and complications.

1. The preparation - What do I need to shear a horse?

What you need for the horse shearing:

Practice & patience with horse shearing

Not every horse likes to be shorn. Many horses are startled by the noise made by the clipper - other horses find it difficult to stand still on the spot. Practice shearing with your horse - let the horse clipper run a few times or stroke the horse's body and sensitive areas a few times with the clipper switched off. After a few practice sessions, the horse scissors succeed even in noise-sensitive and fearful animals.

Our tip: For noise-sensitive and anxious horses, we recommend a quiet and low-vibration clipper like Adore clipper or Aesculap Econom Equipe.

2. Shear horse - This is how I shear my horse properly!

Horses are always shorn against the grain. Shearing against the grain ensures an even result and prevents injuries to the horse's skin. Marking difficult courses and patterns with chalk on the animal's fur makes it easier to orient and guide the clipper.

With the clipper you can cut along insensitive places (like belly, back, etc.) without any problems. It is best to shear sensitive areas (like legs, shoulders, saddle position, flanks etc.) with gentle, short shaving movements. If you want to leave out the saddle position, you can put a saddle pad on the animal's back and shear all around. Horses can generally with a large clipper like Wahl Star horse clipper or Wahl Legend horse clipper can be sheared from head to hoof. For anxious and sensitive horses, however, it is recommended to use a more compact and quieter clipper on difficult parts of the body.

Tips from professionals:

  • Treat yourself and your horse to a break every now and then. Use the time to clean the clipper, because the many hairs that get caught in the clipper otherwise dull the blades and impair the cutting success.
  • Please also pay attention to the overheating of the clipper. To do this, remove the hair from the shaving head with a brush and treat the shear pattern with Cool-Spray & Clean-Spray and Clipper Oil.
  • Important: Shearing the inner ears is prohibited under Section 6 of German Animal Welfare Act!

3. After shearing - care, cleanliness & mounting

After the horse shearing, brush your horse completely and remove all loose fur that has remained on your darling. At lower outside temperatures, put a suitable horse rug on your horse to protect it from cooling down. The optimal thickness of the horse blanket depends on the shearing, posture and sensitivity of the horse.

After shearing, you should use a cooler horse rug or a exercise sheet with every ride. The sweat blanket can either be used for warm riding, but can also be used for dry riding after work. If your horse is sufficiently dry after training, you can exchange the horse sheet for a winter turncout rug or stable rug.

Practical products for horse stables and riding stables:

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