Heiniger - Inovation for horse trimming

The family-owned company Heiniger is already the third generation of high-quality animal rearing products "Made in Switzerland".

Close to the customer subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand, combined with the Swiss Precision Fabrication Company, has made Heiniger today the proud global leader in professional sheep shearing.

The modern shearing blade generation

  • polished surfaces for optimum gliding through the coat
  • optimized tooth shape for a clean, beautiful cut
  • Stable external teeth, as increased protection against breaking off
  • Design protected side profile for optimal flow

Heiniger's SAPHIR shaving heads are compatible with the shearing machines from Wahl, Andis, Moser and Oster.

Heiniger clippers for shearing whole horse

Heiniger PROGRESS 2.0 shearing machine: slim, ergonomic handle, easy handling especially for ladies
Heiniger shearing machine XPERIENCE: innovative horse and cattle clipper with cable and extremely powerful permanent magnet motor
Heiniger shearing machine HANDY: for regular, repeated shearing a day, especially for professionals and studs
Heiniger shearing machine XPLORER: professional cordless shearing machine; up to 120 min shearing time

Heiniger clippers for detail horse trimming

Heiniger shearing machine SAPHIR: Particularly small shearing machine without cable for head and sensitive areas
Heiniger shearing machine SAPHIR STYLE: small shearing machine in a stylish design; see shearing machine sapphire
Heiniger shearing machine SAPHIR CORD: ideal for difficult areas on horses, for example suitable for foal styling