Buy hard hats, safety helmets & bump caps at Agrarzone

As head protection, protective helmets and bump caps are part of personal protective equipment and effectively protect your head from injuries during work on the construction site or in agriculture.

Dangers from falling parts and swinging loads are omnipresent in industry, agriculture and construction. Accidents on construction sites in which the head is damaged often have serious consequences.

In order to protect the head area from potential hazards, it is best to use a hard hat (also a construction helmet or work helmet). High quality head protection effectively prevents serious head injuries.

Discover robust safety helmets in different colors at Agrarzone and protect yourself effectively against falling loads or loads swinging in the air. Whether bump caps with bump protection that are comfortable to wear or classic construction helmets: At Agrarzone you are guaranteed to find the right protective equipment for agriculture, construction sites or industrial companies.

Safety helmet & construction helmet Overview:

  • Mainly used on construction sites, in agriculture and in large industrial companies
  • Protects the helmet wearer from falling loads or loads swinging in the air
  • Less comfort than bump caps with bump protection

Bump cap Overview:

  • Protects the head area of the wearer if it hits hard, stationary objects such as sharp-edged objects
  • No protection against swaying loads
  • Lighter & more comfortable than protective helmets
  • Not to be confused with a safety helmet according to EN 397

Construction helmets, hard hats, work helmets & more: Effective protection against head injuries

Our safety helmet according to DIN EN397: 1995 and A1: 2000 is ideal wherever there is danger. An adjustable headband with a 6-point interior ensures a comfortable fit. Available in different colors, you can choose the right work helmet for your function and qualification (like red construction helmet = foreman, yellow construction helmet = bricklayer).

A bump cap with bump protection is ideal wherever there is a risk of bumping your head or scraping. The upholstery of the shell, the soft seams and the ventilation holes in the fabric and shell make the Agrarzone bump cap particularly comfortable and practical.

If the face and ears need to be protected in addition to the head, it is best to use the G500 headgear. The headgear consists of head protection, eye protection and ear protection and is the perfect companion in agriculture and forestry when face and ears have to be protected.

Robust protective equipment: Safety helmet & construction helmet according to DIN EN 397

A safety helmet in accordance with the DIN EN 397 guideline is a headgear made of a robust, resistant material and primarily protects the head against falling objects, swinging loads and bumping into fixed objects.

The DIN EN 397 standard specifies the requirements for protective functions, test methods and labeling for this type of head protection. The standard defines the basics for industrial helmets uniformly for all of Europe and provides information about the construction, materials used and the wearing properties of the work helmets.

The standard also specifies the quality requirements for the protective function of the protective helmets and defines requirements for the recurring inspection of the protective helmets.

At Agrarzone you will find, without exception, protective helmets, construction helmets, work helmets, safety helmets & industrial helmets that comply with the relevant guidelines regarding protective function and wearing comfort. With head protection from Agrarzone, you will help your employees and yourself to effectively minimize the risk of head injuries.

Bump cap with bump protection according to DIN EN 812

If an industrial safety helmet does not have to be worn, but there is a potential risk of bumping into the head, a bump cap is used.

A bump cap is a head protection that protects against injuries that are caused by impact with the head against fixed, sharp-edged and hard objects. A bump cap usually consists of a normal cap with an impact-resistant plastic insert, which can also be removed.

The physical quality requirements for bump caps are defined and stipulated by the DIN EN 812 guideline. However, bump caps do not provide protection against swinging objects and must not be used as a substitute for protective helmets under any circumstances. Since they are lighter, they are more comfortable to wear than work helmets.

Different helmet colors: Which helmet is the right one?

Find at Agrarzone a large selection of robust protective helmets in different colors. Whether yellow, blue, orange, green or white: There is no general rule on the colors of the construction helmets and their meaning and use. However, it is popular and makes sense, especially on large construction sites, to identify the various functions, qualifications or professional groups of the wearer with the helmet color. The color of the construction helmet can also be an indication of how long the person has been on the construction site.

On construction sites, primarily white construction helmets usually identify people who are not permanently on the construction site, like foremen, architects, visitors and members of the construction management. This makes the work enormously easier, as the workers who are regularly working on the construction site can be identified immediately.

A distinction is made between blue and yellow protective helmets based on their affiliation to the respective craft. Working groups such as workers, bricklayers and magazine administrators therefore wear yellow helmets. Safety helmets in blue are used by locksmiths and people in the plumbing industry.

Red protective helmets are worn regardless of the trade, but based on the function of the helmet wearer. As a rule, a person who wears a red helmet has a managerial position on the construction site, lik eforemen, forest workers or electricians.

Carpenters wear green helmets, while iron weavers / reinforced concrete workers, forest workers and safety officers wear orange helmets.

Overview of all helmet colors:

  • White: Architects, visitors, site managers, foremen (in mining: Steiger)
  • Blue: Locksmith (also in mining), sanitary area
  • Yellow: Bricklayer, worker, magazine manager (in mining: hauer)
  • Green: Carpenters (in mining: electricians)
  • Red: Electrician, foreman, forest worker (in mining: mine rescue team)
  • Orange: Forest workers, iron weavers / reinforced concrete builders, security officers (also in mining)

How long does a safety helmet last?

Basically, the durability of protective helmets depends on the material, the information provided by the manufacturer and external environmental influences. The UV radiation, cold and heat as well as mechanical loads such as Falls or hits have a significant influence on the durability of a protective helmet. The age of protective helmets is also an important factor, because the quality of plastics deteriorates over time.

In the construction industry, protective helmets made from so-called thermoplastics are usually used on construction sites. With regular and long-term use, protective helmets made of such a material should be changed every four years.

Important to know: The manufacturer's date stamped on the inside of the safety helmet is never the expiry date, but always the production date.

Additional accessories for your personal protective equipment

Many professional activities make the use of personal protective equipment indispensable. Whether on the construction site, in the industrial sector or during agricultural activities: With personal protective equipment, you protect yourself against all risks to your safety and health.

At Agrarzone you will find a comprehensive range of high-quality protective equipment with which you can protect yourself effectively in every situation:

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