Haynets for Horses

A hay net is a net that is filled with hay for feeding the horse. It is used as an alternative to floor feeding, especially in the horse trailer and box.

What are the advantages of feeding with hay nets?

  • Many horses spread their hay in the box when eating and soil it. With a hay net, this spreading is not possible and the loss of hay is significantly reduced.
  • Hay nets for round bales make it possible to provide a whole round bale, thus saving a lot of time when feeding. Depending on the size of the herd, the horses are supplied with feed for several days, but the hay net ensures that the feed is taken in slowly.
  • The longer feeding times due to slow eating are very good for the horse's stomach. When chewing, saliva is produced and the stomach remains active, while the sensitive stomach walls are also protected. After longer feeding breaks, the stomach becomes inactive and the stomach acid attacks the stomach wall - this can cause dangerous stomach ulcers.
  • To ensure that your horse also has to do without long feeding breaks during transport, a hay net is ideal for horse transport.

What types of hay nets are there?

What do you have to watch out for when feeding hay with hay nets?

Risk of injury - some horses become impatient with the slow feeding from hay nets and start pawing with their hooves. There is a risk that your horse will get its foot caught in the hay net and injure itself. Horses that wear horseshoes are even more likely to get caught. For impatient horses, it is therefore advisable to feed from a hay bag, a hay box, a hay dispenser or from a feeding trough.

When hanging the hay net, make sure that it is always close to the ground. If the net is hung too high, your horse will adopt an unnatural posture when eating. If your horse has to lift its head to chew and use more force to break up the hay, it will be in pain in the long run. If the hay net is close to the ground, the horse can adopt its natural eating posture.

In a herd, use either round bale hay nets or several small hay nets. Make sure that there are enough feeding places for all animals in the herd, otherwise there will be unrest in the stable.

What accessories do I need for feeding from hay nets?

Basically, you do not need any further accessories when feeding from hay nets. However, to fill hay nets quickly and easily, we recommend a filling aid for hay nets. For weighing the hay portion, a hanging scale is suitable with which you can easily weigh the filled hay net. A snap hook can also be helpful for hanging up the hay net in the box and in the horse trailer.

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