Haberfellner is flour - best quality from Austria for over 120 years.

Purest flour from one of the most modern mills in Europe

The name Haberfellner stands for the best and purest flour from Austria. The Haberfellner Mill is Austria's largest private mill and one of the most modern mills in Europe. Through the use of innovative device technologies, its own laboratory and uncompromising quality standards, the Haberfellner Mill has been producing flour from the best raw materials for over 120 years.

The traditional company Haberfellner sources the highest quality grain from over 300 Upper Austrian contract farmers. Bakery partners of the Haberfellner company are identified as "Backfein-Bakers" and process the flour into the finest baked goods. For years, bakers have trusted the strictly tested, high-quality flours from the Haberfellner mill. Through the sustainable project Backfein Qualitätsweizenanbau Oberösterreich, Haberfellner relies on consistently high quality from cereals to tasty baked goods. A seamless traceability from the grain farmer, the storage and grinding up to the delivery of the finished flour is guaranteed by the use of modern device technologies.

Highest flour quality - The Haberfellner family is personally responsible for the promise.

Regionality and products from home, that is what the traditional Haberfellner company stands for. In its sustainable philosophy, Haberfellner Mühle attaches great importance to its commitment to procuring the best raw materials, product technologies and protecting the environment. The family management at Haberfellner and the motivated employees serve as a strong foundation for a successful future. With the know-how, the experience gained through more than 120 years and the high quality standards, the Haberfellner Mill creates the purest flour for the finest cooking recipes and delicious baked goods.

Exceptional variety of flour, as multifaceted as nature

Whether for fine pastries, cakes, sauces, pizza, dumplings, pasta or strong mixed breads - the traditional Haberfellner company has the right flour  for every cooking and baking recipe:
Wheat Flour Type 405 / W 480 finely milled, Coarse and Universal, Wheat Flour Type 1050 / W 1600, Whole Wheat Flour, Spelled Flour Type 550 / W 700 finely milled, Kornplus 10-grain flour, Rye Flour Type 997 / W 960, Wheat Flour Type 550 / W 700 , Pizza Flour Special Type 550 / W 700 / Tipo 00, Gingerbread Flour baking mix, wheat semolina coarse.

Interesting facts about cereals and flour

Pure flour for fine baked goods - best grain and gentle grinding process

Flour can be obtained from a variety of cereals - including wheat, spelled, rye, oats, rice, millet and wild rice. Flour can also be made from pseudo cereals such as quinoa, amaranth, maize and buckwheat. Not every flour is suitable for every purpose. Bread can make only from bread cereals, which include rye flour, wheat flour and spelled flour.

The degree of grinding indicates how much of the outer peripheral layers of the grain is also ground, which contains important minerals and vitamins. The most important nutrients are in the outer dark shell and decrease to the light, inner flour body. That is why dark flour, like rye flour, is also healthier than light flour.