GoLeyGo Horse & Dog - The new leash with magnetic closure

The innovative GoLeyGo magnet click system from leashes already inspires many pet owners. Now available for dogs and horses too.

Goleygo is the smart alternative to the well-known snap hook. No more searching around where the snap hook has to be hooked up. The classic dog leash variant with snap hook is rather cumbersome to handle and requires both hands. With a clever ball pen magnet combination GoLeyGo connects leash and collar. One person, intuitive, fast and with just one click the dog can be removed from the leash and leashed again!

Advantages of GoLeyGo:

  • Lash & off leash with only one hand
  • First lock system that can be detached under full load
  • A strong connection!
  • Great flexibility due to adjustable lines
  • Full freedom of movement due to ball pin: um
  • 360° rotatable
  • Smart design

The new GoLeyGo generation

The new GoLeyGo 2.0 has been improved and modified to create a product that meets the highest demands of pet owners. The high-quality nylon leash is clearly more bite resistant and lies comfortably in the hand. The very robust closure made of fiberglass-reinforced material withstands a dog weight of up to max. 80 kg. The self-cleaning concept of the magnetic locking system is with protected spring bearings incl. salt water resistance in order to close safely even when soiled by sand and soil. The high-tech fiberglass reinforced closure system with ferrite magnet sit äextremely light and robust at the same time. The new leashes and ferrules can now be universally attached to almost any collar, harness and halter with the screw-on adapter pin.

GoLeyGo Dog: Dog leash & collar with innovative magnetic snap closure

The unique system is available for dogs in different designs, colours and sizes, so there is a suitable combination for every dog. In the large GoLeyGo range you can choose from a collar or chest harness with a normal leash or a roller leash. The GoLeyGo collar is almost indestructible! It is made of durable nylon with a sturdy click closure and withstands even the heaviest loads. The integrated ball pin is the link between collar and leash: simply click into the magnetic lock! Breast harnesses distribute the pull optimally and are therefore particularly comfortable for the dog. The GoLeyGo chest harness is made of durable nylon with sturdy click fasteners. The straps are adjustable and easy to adjust to the size of the dog. The integrated ball pin is the link between collar and leash: simply click into the magnetic lock!

Through the adjustable leashthe GoLeyGo leash offers greater flexibility! Regardless of whether the dog leash is held in the hand, wrapped around the hip or placed over the shoulder, GoLeyGo offers dog owners different holding and carrying options. With the innovative magnet-click-system the dog can be put on and taken off in seconds! With roller leashes active dogs also get the freedom of movement they need on a leash. The GoLeyGo Vario roller leash with a maximum length of 5 meters is made of durable nylon. With the innovative magnetic click system, the dog can be put on and taken off in seconds!

GoLeyGo Horse: Halter & lead rope with magnetic lock

In addition to the previous variants for dogs, GoLeyGo is now also available in an extremely robust design for horses! Choose your elaborately crafted and detail-loving GoLeyGo horse halter from three different colours. The GoLeyGo halter are already equipped with the original GoLeyGo adapter pin and therefore perfect with the GoLeyGo lead rope kompartibel. The colour-matched design fittings and the beautiful colour combinations round off the appearance perfectly. The halter is softly underlaid with synthetic rubber which is kind to the coat.