Electric fence Gate Handle

  • Enables safe opening of your pasture fence gate
  • Easy and quick release and hooking of the gate handle
  • Electrification of the pasture fence throughout despite the Torgiff
  • Made of impact-resistant, UV-resistant plastic

What is a electric fence gate handle?

A gate handle is the important element in the construction of flexible gate systems. With the help of a gate handle you can open and close the pasture fence at any point without impairing the full functionality of the fence system.

With a gate handle you can safely open the live conductor material without getting an electric shock. The electric circuit closes when the hook of the gate handle hooks onto the grazing pole.

Gate handles are made of impact-resistant, UV-resistant plastic and robust metal. They are equipped with a tension spring, which makes handling even easier.

The gate handle is available in various colours so that it can be matched to the fence system. Gate handles in bright colours, for example, are more quickly visible.

With 3 questions about the suitable gate handle

1. for which conductor material is the gate handle suitable?

The gate handle is suitable for electric fencing tape, rope and polywire. Depending on the conductor material, gate handles require different connection devices.

Gate handles for electric fencing tape have a tape connection. This can be used for fencing tape up to 40mm tape width.

In the case of gate handles for ropes/polywire, the conductor material must be connected to the gate handle with a rope and strand connector.

2. what must be taken into account during installation?

To avoid electric shock, gate handle insulators should be used to attach to the hoarding post. Insulators prevent unwanted current leakage.

3 Which gate handle insulator do you need for your fence post?

Gate handle insulators differ in the mounting bracket. Depending on the grazing pole you need different brackets. If you are using a T-post, you will need insulators with holders for a T-post.

For a wooden post, gate handle insulators with wooden threads are suitable. These can be screwed directly into the post.

For steel fences, models with double screwing can also be fitted with screw nuts.

These accessories are useful for a gate handle

Secured access with lockable gate system: A lockable Torgiff holder can be fitted so that only you can open the gate handle. This can be locked with a padlock.

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