Electric fence gate - special door for electronic nettings

A special electronic gate allows easy and quick passage into a fence netting. The net door is a practical door for all electrical nets. The electric fence gate can be quickly and easily mounted anywhere on the net. The fence door can also be retrofitted in the already existing fences. The green net of the door is electrifiable. The sturdy frame is insulated, so when opening the door, the power must not be turned off.

The advantages at a glance:

  • easy and safe to open and close
  • stable and robust despite the low weight
  • The opening width of 86 cm is sufficient for most garden tools
  • including 2 Jumbo stakes with double point
  • Electrified door incl. cables and connections
  • easy and quick installation in the fence netting
  • Door height of 105 cm is suitable for all nets up to 90 cm in height
  • Door height of 125 cm is an extra high version for a net height of 95 cm to 125 cm