Rigid grazing gate - Overview:

  • Stable grazing gates
  • Hot-dip galvanised and extremely weather-resistant
  • Accessories included for easy installation
  • Ideal for stables, riding arena and pasture
  • Fast and free shipping within Germany and Austria

Rigid pasture fence gate - if you want it to be extra stable and wide

With a height of 100 cm, this pasture gate is suitable for all pasture purposes. Whether for the stable, the riding arena or a pasture - building a pasture gate yourself is very laborious, which is why we send you the perfect pasture gate quickly and cheaply to your home by forwarding delivery. A pasture gate is suitable for herding various animals, whether cattle, sheep, goats or horses.

The hot-dip galvanised, sturdy pasture gate allows quick and easy access to the pasture, creates passages and also offers a secure mechanical barrier thanks to its high-quality workmanship. With its width of 3 to 6 metres, the large grazing gate offers enough space even for large agricultural machinery.

Rigid pasture gates for paddock, pasture and riding arena

Made of hot-dip galvanised steel tubing, this pasture gate promises a high degree of stability, weather resistance and durability - with permanent corrosion protection. The gate is designed for keeping horses, ponies and cattle and contributes to the optimum herding security of the pasture fence. A solid automatic bolt prevents unintentional opening. The pasture gate can be additionally locked with a shackle lock. Anyone who needs a passage gate is also well advised to use this product. You can find a gate lock for grazing gate accessories here.

Pasture gate assembly and accessories

The included assembly set contains all the necessary components for attaching the gate to two wooden posts. From a gate size of 3 metres, we recommend fitting a support wheel to prevent the gate from sinking to one side due to the gate post being at an angle.