Fencing Tape

  • Available in different widths
  • Durable, tear-resistant and particularly visible
  • pasture fence straps with reinforced outer edges withstand high breaking loads

What is an electric fencing tape?

A fencing tape is a conductor material. It is used for electric fences to reliably conduct electricity through the fence system. In the fencing tapes, plastic threads are interwoven with current-conducting wires. In general, the more these wires are integrated in a tape, the more secure the current flow is.

Electric fencing tapes are available in various widths. The most common dimensions for tapes are 10 mm, 20 mm or 40 mm wide. At optimum tension, fencing tapes are durable, tear-resistant and, due to their width, particularly visible.

Especially fencing tapes with reinforced outer edges can cope with high breaking loads.

With 3 questions to the right fencing tape

1. How wide must your fencing tape be?

The width of the fencing tape depends on your grazing animal. Wide fencing tapes (40 mm) are used for larger animals such as cattle and horses. It is easier for the animal to recognise and more stable than a narrow tapes. A narrow tape (10 mm) is more suitable for smaller animals such as small horses or pigs.

2. What colour should your wicker fence tape be?

If you want to build an inconspicuous fence, you can use fencing tapes in green. However, high-contrast and wide bands are better visible for the animal. A coloured marking on the edges of the tape can additionally increase visibility.

3. How long must my fencing tape be?

The fencing tape must be at least as long as the perimeter of your fence. Depending on the animal, several rows of tape are often recommended. This means that you often have to calculate with twice or three times the length of the total circumference. The circumference of the fence, for example, is 140m. So you need at least 140m of fencing tape for one row. For horses, for example, three rows are recommended. This means for you: 140m x 3 rows = 420m fencing tape.

Which accessories are useful for fencing tape?

Unrolling handles make it easier to unroll the tape: So that you don't have to laboriously unwind the pasture fence tape by hand from the reel, the practical helper makes it easier to unroll the conductor material.

Faster working with the one-handed drop aid: The one-handed unwinding of conductor material allows you to hang the conductor material into the insulators with your free hand at the same time.

5 expert tips on the topic of fencing tape

  1. The lower the resistance in ohm/m, the better the conductivity of the fencing tape.
  2. Always use stainless steel accessories such as connectors, fittings & gate handles.
  3. For particularly long fences over 10 km we recommend the AKO PremiumLine.
  4. Fencing tapes with 30 mm are an ideal compromise between visibility and wind susceptibility.
  5. For re-tensioning of the fencing tape, Litzclips are ideal.

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