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With a practical feed trough for poultry, poultry can be fed in no time at all. A well thought-out feeding concept saves a lot of valuable time and money, especially for large farms that house several hundred poultry. In private poultry farming, planned feeding also makes work in the chicken coop easier.

A feed trough for poultry is one of the most important accessories in poultry farming alongside a chicken coop and a poultry fence. At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of poultry feeders, tailored to the animal-specific needs of many poultry breeds such as chicks & chickens, quail and pigeons.

With the large selection of poultry feeders, it is not easy in the specialist market to select the right poultry feeder. We would be happy to provide you with practical knowledge on the subject of poultry feeders for chickens and poultry on this page.

Feeding trough for chickens & poultry - You have to consider this when buying a poultry feeder

Feeding troughs for poultry are available in different shapes, materials or as automatic poultry feeders with the aim of providing your chickens, quail etc. with optimally and appropriately poultry feed. Depending on the poultry breed, the poultry trough should meet the needs of your animals. For example, small chicks need a different automatic poultry feeder than pigeons, which need a pigeon feed trough specific to pigeons.

How to choose the right feed trough for your poultry:

1. Size of the feed trough

The size of the poultry trough cannot be fixed at a flat rate. Rather, it depends on different aspects:

  • How many chickens do you want to take care of?
  • How often do you top up the chicken feed?

If you own a large group of chickens, you should always choose a chicken trough with a larger capacity. In private chicken farming with only a few chickens, a smaller feed trough for poultry is sufficient. However, if you only feed them once a day, you should use a larger poultry trough.

In order to determine the correct capacity of your poultry feeder, one basically takes the following reference: If several chickens peck and eat at the chicken trough at the same time, which is the case with large chicken farms, narrow and wide feed troughs are more suitable than round feed troughs.

Our tip: If you keep a large number of chickens, it is best to place several feeding troughs in the chicken coop and also in the poultry outdoor pen. This way, each chicken can peck enough chicken feed and the harmony in the hen house is maintained.

2. Protect poultry feed from food predators

Your chicken feed is not just tasty for chickens. In the chicken coop, food residues like to attract predators such as mice, rats or birds. If you only want to feed your animals, an automatic poultry feeder is best suited. The automatic poultry feeder is attached to the wall of the chicken enclosure and has a flap that only opens when your chicken operates it with its weight. This means that other rodents and birds cannot contaminate the chicken feed and your chicken population remains healthy and easy to lay.

You can find more information on the automatic poultry feeders available from Agrarzone in one of the sections below.

3. Easy cleaning

When selecting the feed trough for poultry, care must be taken to ensure hygienic and uncomplicated cleaning. Our feed troughs made of food-safe plastic or high-quality metal have mostly rounded corners and can be easily cleaned.

4. Appropriate needs

Depending on the poultry breed and size, the feathered animals need different feeding troughs where they can easily get to the poultry feed.

  • Feeding trough for chicks: To raise healthy, strong chickens, there is no getting around the purchase of a suitable chick feeder. For chick rearing with many chicks, broad models are more suitable than round chick troughs. This allows several chicks to peck chick feed at the same time.

    Popular chick feeder at Agrarzone: Feeder for chicks 50 x 7 cm, Feeder for chicks galvanized 50 x 7cm
  • Feeding trough for chickens: Ergonomic and hen-friendly chicken feeder effectively prevent the chicken feed from being thrown out by pawing. The divided compartments also reliably prevent quarrels, because every chicken has its own feeding place. Feeding troughs for chickens are available both from food-safe plastic and from robust metal. Both variants ensure optimal chicken feeding, but have different advantages and disadvantages:

    Chicken feeder made of metal:

    Advantages: Very hard-wearing and long-lasting, Easy cleaning, UV-resistant, also ideal for winter
    Disadvantages: More expensive than plastic models

    Chicken feeder made of plastic:

    Advantages: Uncomplicated and quick cleaning, less expensive than metal feeding troughs
    Disadvantages: Material can become brittle, faster risk of tipping over due to its low weight

    Discover a large selection of practical and robust feed troughs for chickens here!
  • Feeding trough for quail & ornamental birds: A feeding trough specially tailored to the needs of quail, ornamental birds and dwarf chicks has several openings, which allows the poultry to get to the feed. With a practical clip-on grill, food is wasted, thereby preventing rodents such as mice or rats from being attracted.

    Popular quail feed trough at Agrarzone: Quail feeder 25 cm

    Feeding trough for Doves: A species-appropriate feeding trough for doves is made of sturdy plastic and has a hinged feeding grille, which prevents the trough tray from getting dirty quickly.

    Popular Dove feeder at Agrarzone: Dove Feeder

Whether you choose a feed trough for chickens or an automatic poultry feeder: in the Agrarzone Poultry-Shop you are guaranteed to find the right model for your poultry. Do you have further questions about our feed troughs or about poultry farming & chicken breeding? You are welcome to write to us via our contact form or contact us by email, phone, chat or WhatsApp.

Where should you put the poultry feed trough?

You can set up the chicken feeder anywhere in the chicken coop. However, make sure that the environment is hygienic and clean so that the chicken feed is not contaminated. A poultry feeder or chicken feed mixed with bacteria and germs can endanger your chicken stock through diseases.

It is best to place the poultry feeder in a place where the chickens can get at any time and which is protected against strong weather conditions. If your chickens have access to a outdoor pen, you should also place a poultry feeder for your poultry in this enclosure.

How is a poultry feeder cleaned?

Regular cleaning of the poultry feeder is particularly important for a vital and healthy chicken population. Clean your poultry trough regularly, preferably once a week. To do this, remove the remaining feed and wipe the poultry feeder with a cloth soaked in warm water. Heavy dirt can be removed with a little detergent. Then rinse the poultry feeder again with fresh water and dry it before adding fresh poultry feed.

Select the right poultry feed for the poultry feeder

Whether good laying performance, poultry fattening, pigeons, quail or safe and controlled chicken rearing - Our chicken-friendly and balanced poultry feed has been successfully used by chicken breeders, fattening operators and private poultry farmers for many years. We have poultry feed for every poultry breed!

Overview of poultry feed:

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