Eye protection & face protection: Buy protective goggles online at Agrarzone

In agriculture, industry, trade and also in the medical sector, employees are exposed to dangers from splinters, sparks, dust, light, chemicals or even blows or bumps on a daily basis. Good protective goggles effectively prevent eye injuries and, in the worst case, protect the wearer from irreparable eye injuries.

In addition to conventional protective clothing and work clothing, face protection or eye protection in the form of protective goggles is required for many industries, like for woodwork or welding (welding goggles). Safety glasses are available in a variety of models for different work areas and offer effective eye protection.

Whether as full protection for the eyes, protective goggles for people who wear glasses or as face protection and eye protection: Good safety goggles are a necessary part of work protection through protective clothing.

Innovative eye protection, safety at the highest level, optimal functionality paired with the best quality and attractive design: At Agrarzone you can buy high-quality protective goggles for your personal protective equipment (including PPE) without exception. You are optimally equipped in every situation with protective goggles from Agarzone.

Overview of protective glasses:

  • Safety glasses allow you to work with dangerous chemicals and harmful influences such as UV radiation, light, dust, splinters, laser light or microorganisms without damaging your eyes.
  • Safety glasses are used in various areas, but mainly in the work environment and sports. You can find out whether your safety glasses are suitable for the respective area of application by looking at the standardized labeling on your safety glasses.
  • The area of application of the safety glasses is classified into certain classifications. These classifications include these risk areas: thermal risk, chemical risk, mechanical risk and radiation hazard.

Areas of application of protective goggles:

  • Technology (metal processing, welding, lasers, pyrotechnics)
  • Research (laboratory / chemistry)
  • Military (splinter protection)
  • Medicine (X-ray, surgery, dentist, etc.)
  • Accident rescue (fire brigade)
  • Leisure and sport (sunglasses / solarium glasses)

Protective goggles, safety glasses or full-view glasses: Buy eye protection and face protection at Agrarzone

Protect your eyes with the right safety glasses

As the name suggests, protective goggles reliably protect the eyes from danger and are mandatory in many work areas where there is potential for danger.

While leisure glasses are mostly used in leisure activities and in sport and protect the eyes from the weather and dust, safety glasses are mainly used in the professional environment. Safety glasses offer your eyes effective protection from all potential hazards, such as dust, grains, splinters, sparks or substances.

Protective Goggles with flexible straps are universally suitable for many areas of application and reliably protect against strong impacts from projectiles or particles.

With full-view goggles (including panoramic full-view goggles or laboratory goggles) you are even better protected against dust and flying particles. Thanks to a distortion-free field of view of 180 degrees, a particularly wide field of vision is made possible. So you have a clear view of every activity.

If, in addition to the eyes, the head and the entire face including ears have to be protected, then it is best to use the G500 headgear. The headgear consists of head protection, eye protection and ear protection and is the perfect companion in agriculture and forestry when face and ears have to be protected.

With a practical safety set consisting of full-view goggles, earmuffs, a dust mask and a disposable suit, you are well protected during your work.

There are these types of protective goggles:

1. Safety glasses with straps:

Safety glasses (also frame glasses) shield the eye area and the immediate surroundings. These safety glasses have ear hooks and optically correspond to the conventional glasses design.

Advantages of safety glasses: Simple operation, comfort
Disadvantages of safety glasses: Eyes not optimally protected

2. Full-view goggles:

Full-view goggles (including panoramic goggles, full safety goggles or laboratory goggles) belong to the basket safety goggles and consist of a large lens that enables a particularly wide field of vision. Full-view goggles are very close to the face, completely encloses the eye space and is equipped with a seal. Thanks to the seal, the eye area is completely sealed and the safety glasses offer greater protection against substances and particles in the air than other protective glasses.

Advantages of full-view goggles: Optimally protected eyes
Disadvantages of full-view glasses: Bulky, not very comfortable to wear

3. Face shield:

A face shield (also face shield) protects, as the name suggests, the entire face. A face shield therefore not only protects the eyes, but also prevents substances and particles from getting into the mouth and nose.

Advantages of a face shield: Eyes, mouth and nose optimally protected
Disadvantages of a face shield: Bulky, not very comfortable to wear

When should safety glasses be worn?

Choosing the right safety glasses for every application

Probably the most important reason to buy is the purpose of the safety glasses. Why do you need these safety glasses and in which areas of application should they be used?

Which safety glasses are the right one basically depends on the risk factor in the work environment. Before purchasing protective goggles, you should clarify whether there is a thermal, chemical or mechanical risk or whether a radiation hazard is possible:

1. Thermal hazard: In the event of fire, heat or cold (like intense radiation or the splashing of hot substances), wearing full-view goggles or a face shield is undoubtedly necessary for the relevant work.

2. Mechanical hazard: The mechanical hazard (like particles or splinters flying around or striking) is divided into three different strength classes:

Class 1 = Weak: Safety glasses with straps should be worn
Class 2 = Medium strong: Wearing full-view goggles is required
Class 3 = Strong: A face shield is absolutely essential

3. Chemical hazard: In the case of chemical and biological risks such as flying liquid particles, corrosive solutions, or other dangerous substances, full-view goggles or a face shield should always be worn. Chemical risks can arise from drops of irritating and corrosive substances such as alkalis and acids, dissolved, liquefied, cooled or compressed gases, harmful dust, toxic fumes and mixtures.

4. Radiation hazard: For all work where there is a risk of radiation (such as UV, laser or IR rays, arc welding, gas welding), safety glasses with straps, full-view goggles or a face shield should be worn.

Cleaning and storing protective goggles

The lifespan of your safety glasses essentially depends on these two factors:

  1. Cleaning: Clean your safety glasses with a soft cloth and cleaning water. Ideally, you should clean your safety glasses once a Monday with a common disinfectant for household use.
  2. Storage: The best place to keep your safety glasses is in a cool, darkened place. Protect your safety glasses from direct sunlight and from abrasive cleaning agents.

With the right care and storage, your safety glasses can offer you up to 2 years of effective protection until you then consider purchasing new safety glasses.

Additional accessories for your personal protective equipment

Many professional activities make the use of personal protective equipment indispensable. Whether on the construction site, in the industrial sector or during agricultural activities: With personal protective equipment, you protect yourself against all risks to your safety and health.

At Agrarzone you will find a comprehensive range of high-quality protective equipment with which you can protect yourself effectively in every situation:

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