Erdtmann's - wild bird food for every season

Since 1960 the brand Erdtmanns stands for responsible wild bird feeding. The family business has been committed to long-term, sustainable action and excellent birdseed quality for generations.

The Erdtmanns bird food range includes summer fodder, winter fodder, year-round feed, as well as feed houses and a starter set. The special Erdtmanns Meisenknödel are indispensable in the feeding of wild birds! The proven Meisenknödel recipe ensures a successful energetic variety at your feeding point. Discover the diverse product world of Erdtmann's wild bird feeding and help build populations and preserve rare species!

Erdtmann's wild bird food contains:

  • only pure, natural raw materials
  • high quality fat, many proteins, carbohydrates
  • only the exact ingredients that are on the packaging
  • no dyes or preservatives, enzymes or flavor enhancers

Erdtmann's fat food - the powerful winter snack for wild birds

The colder it becomes in the open, the less natural food the birds find, and at the same time the energy demand increases. The Erdtmanns fat feed is particularly energy-rich stray butter and thus ideally suited as autumn and winter food. Erdtmann's fat feed supports wild birds such as blackbird, robin, wren or throttle while foraging. Try it - the birds will thank you!

Erdtmanns fat food is available in the following sizes:

  • Erdtmann's fat feed 5 kg
  • Erdtmann's fat feed 10 kg
  • Erdtmann's fat feed 25 kg