Horse accessories and riding supplies

Riding wear can be a statement. Be inspired by our ranges and discover items in sophisticated and elegant colours, as well as high-quality processed materials. Breathable, hard-wearing fabrics that still look great after repeated washing.

Discover everything you need here to be top equipped in the saddle. In addition to great accessories such as whips, spurs and reflectors, you will also find riding clothes for everyday use such as ankle boots, chaps, riding helmets and much more in our equestrian category.

Horse and riding equipment

Here you will find a wide range of horse accessories and riding supplies in different sizes, shapes and designs for every discipline - and in such a way that you can coordinate the look from tethers to bridles. From gaiters, halters and horse rugs to riding helmets, breeches, saddles and bridles, we have a host of quality crafted horse items on offer at great prices.

Buy horse feed of exclusive brands

Daily stable needs also include a good selection of horse feed, supplementary feed, treats and snacks. If you yourself appreciate a tasty and crunchy muesli in the morning, you should treat your horse to something similar. Our special feed mixtures from Siglhorse and Leimüller bear this name in any case and are adapted to many different nutritional requirements. The best place to buy all kinds of horse feed is here at Agrarzone - professional advice and favourable prices included!

Order and hygiene in the stable & on the pasture

In order to be able to store all your things well and clearly, you can buy various storage options from us at favourable prices. Whether for tournaments, stables or leisure time. Our saddle holders or saddle cupboards ensure clean and orderly storage. This way, your tack room always stays tidy and the equipment is preserved for a long time.

We also offer a wide range of accessories for the riding stable and pasture. With the pasture gates and insect killers you have everything under control.

If you are a bargain hunter, check us out regularly on or our Facebook page. We always have changing offers but also great competitions to stock up the tack room or complete your horse's wardrobe at particularly good prices.