Electric net fence - protects your animals

Pasture fence nets are very popular if you want to quickly and easily restrict areas for keeping animals, or if you want to protect your belongings from wild animals.

Sheep and goats have particularly high demands on an electric fence. Sheep are robust animals and are protected from electric shock by their dense wool. Therefore, a powerful electric fence with 12 volts or 230 volts should be selected for all fences.

The electric fence nets are available in different versions and therefore suitable for all types of soil conditions and applications. The combination of our electronic networks of sturdy plastic posts or fiberglass piles and high-quality conductor materials ensure the highest level of protection against hatching. Our electric net assortment is suitable for the professional breeder, as well as for the small animal husbandry in the hobby area.

The advantages:

  • All our networks have a stainless steel connection clip for fast connection of multiple networks
  • The nodes are welded and therefore extremely stable
  • Color-contrasting head insulators at the beginning of the pylon facilitate the construction of the network
  • easy and fast repair with Litzclip repair kits

Buy the pasture net - electrically or without electricity

The electric fence can be operated with or without power. Furthermore, there is also the fence netting without electricity, which contains no electrical conductors and so they are slightly cheaper. The advantage of an electric fence is, that the animals not only can not get out, but also can not invade any natural enemies of the animals like the wolf or mader.

Overview wicker net species:

  • poultry netting
  • sheep netting
  • Wildlife netting
  • Small animal netting for dogs, cats & rodents

Overview wicker net accessories:

  • Electric fence gate
  • Spare pile for wicker net
  • Other wicker net accessories