Electric pasture netting & electronic netting - The ideal protection for your animals

Pasture fence nets are very popular if you want to quickly and easily enclose areas for keeping animals or if you want to protect belongings from wild animals.

Sheep and goats place particularly high demands on a pasture fence. Sheep and goats are robust animals and are also protected from electric shocks by their dense wool. Therefore, a high-impact 12-volt or 230-volt electric fence should be chosen for all nets.

The electric fence nets are available in various designs and are therefore suitable for all types of ground conditions and areas of use. The combination of robust plastic poles or fibreglass poles and high-quality conductor materials in our electronic nets ensures the highest level of herding safety. Our range of willow netting is suitable for both professional breeders and small animal keepers in the hobby sector.

Electric fence net Advantages:

  • All our nets have a stainless steel connecting clip for quickly joining multiple nets together.
  • The knot points are welded and therefore extremely stable
  • Colour-contrasting head insulators at the initial pole make it easier to set up the net
  • Simple and quick repairs with Litzclip repair kits

Buying Electric fence Netting - electric or without electricity

The electric pasture fence can be operated with or without electricity. Furthermore, there is also the pasture fence net without electricity, which does not contain any electrical conductors and is therefore somewhat cheaper. The advantage of an electric pasture fence is that not only can the animals not get out, but also no natural enemies of the animals such as wolves or martens can get in.

Overview of pasture net types:

Overview pasture net accessories:

Your advantages at Agrarzone

Free return: This applies to all package shipments returned within 30 days. You can also return forwarding goods within 30 days. However, the customer is responsible for the costs of return with forwarding shipment.

No risk thanks to 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased electric fence set is not ideal for your use after all, you can return it to us within 30 days of delivery without giving any reason. We will then refund you the full purchase price.

All electric nets comply with legal safety standards: All electrifiable wicker nets are safe for humans and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with safety standards.

Only electric fence nets from reputable Austrian or German manufacturers: Due to the high quality, there are fewer defects and you therefore have less maintenance. Calculated over several years, you save money on the bottom line.