Complete Sets Pasture Fence & Electric Fence

Save valuable time searching for the right fence!

A pasture fence (also electric fence) is a safe and inexpensive solution for fencing in or out many types of animals. Whether for keeping livestock & grazing animals, as a horse fence or for fencing in pets, an electric pasture fence provides security for your animals in a fenced area. The protective fence is also suitable if uninvited guests are to be denied access to the property, e.g. wild boars, wolves, deer or the neighbouring cat.

When it comes to pasture fence construction, researching and choosing the right products often turns out to be more difficult and much more time-consuming than expected. We are happy to make the search for the right electric fence easier for you with our complete sets. The electric fence sets contain all the perfectly coordinated products you need to erect a safe electric fence. The sets can be flexibly extended and adapted with further products for pasture fence construction from our pasture fence shop.

If there is no suitable model for your needs, we will be happy to put together an individual complete set for you. Simply contact our customer service, our pet experts will be happy to help you.

For which types of animals are the complete fence sets suitable?

Depending on which animal you want to herd, you will need an electric fence that is adapted to the special needs of the corresponding animal species. This is the only way to ensure that the animals are kept safely in the designated area and that they cannot injure themselves. At Agrarzone you will find pasture fence sets tailor-made for these types of animals:

What is included in the complete sets?

The most important components in an electric fence set are: Pasture fencing unit, ladder material and fence posts. These components are included in each of our complete sets and are completed by various accessories depending on the model:

  • Insulators
  • Earthing rod
  • Connecting cable
  • Fence connection
  • Battery or rechargeable battery
  • Warning sign
  • Operating instructions
  • Pasture fence tester
  • Pasture access

Complete sets with a 230V electric fence unit are connected to the mains socket. If there is no mains connection nearby, a battery-powered electric fence with 12V voltage is a good option. With these devices, however, the battery must be recharged every 2-4 weeks.

For pet owners who do not have time to check the battery status at regular intervals, a set with a 9V battery device is more suitable. A battery is cheaper than a rechargeable battery, lasts several months and during this time you have no maintenance. However, after it is completely discharged, a pasture fence battery can no longer be recharged and a new one must be purchased.

An electric fence with a solar-powered grazing unit is even easier to use. Thanks to solar power, the operation of this fence model is extremely energy-saving and expensive maintenance or follow-up costs are reduced to a minimum. The intelligent battery management ensures that the solar device works excellently even during longer periods of bad weather (up to 2 weeks).

Dog fence & Cat fence: Secure free-range for dogs and cats in the garden

Electric fences are also being used more and more in small animal husbandry. However, electric fences that are too strong should not be used for pets, as they are better suited for herding robust animals such as pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, for keeping out wild animals such as wild boars, wolves and deer, or for long fences with high vegetation. For use with pets, there are special, low-current devices that have only a low impact strength and are therefore better suited for smaller animals.

For dogs, we have different kits with dog netting or willow strands in our range. Most kits are suitable for 25 m or 50 m fence lengths. You can either buy dog fences with stranded wire, here you can put together the dog fence individually and choose the fence height freely, or you can go for ready-assembled dog nets, these have the advantage that they can be easily repositioned. Our dog fence sets are ideal for various applications: as a garden fence, mobile dog fence for holidays or to secure your garden from strange animals.

For cats we offer similar electric fence sets as for dogs, although cats are better herded in cat nets than in strand fences.

Chicken fence & Poultry fence: Complete set for keeping chickens with 12V or 230V electric fence unit & poultry net

Do you want to offer your poultry an outdoor enclosure that is also safe from foxes and martens? Our electric fence sets for poultry enclosures are equipped with poultry nets, because these offer chickens, quails, ducks & co. the best protection from foxes and martens.

The sets include 230V or 12V electric fencing units. While 230V fencers are powered by mains electricity, 12V models can be powered either by battery or a solar panel, depending on the specification. Assembly is possible without tools, so our chicken net sets can also be quickly moved around and are portable.

Ideal for horses, tournaments and trail riding: Horse fence sets for every use

Pasture fences are particularly popular for fencing in horses and ponies. When erecting a fence for horses, a stable and safe construction is important so that the animals cannot injure themselves on the fence or run away. A good electric fence set for horses is sufficiently high, easily visible and conducted with electricity. The conductor material used is pasture fence wire, pasture fence tape or pasture fence rope. Horse fences are available either as a mobile horse fence for temporary pastures or compartment pastures or as a fixed fence system (permanently installed fence, usually consisting of fixed fence posts such as Octowood wooden posts or popular T-Post posts).

The horse fence starter packages are available for pastures from 80 m to 300 m in our shop. Included is everything you need to build from smaller paddocks to larger horse pastures.

Tournament riders and trail riders like to reach for a handy, mobile complete set for small paddocks that can be set up in a few easy steps. Our compact competition & trail rider sets contain everything needed for the construction of small paddocks: Stakes, ladder material and optionally with or without 3 V electric fencing unit. With the included carrying bag, the sets can easily be stowed in the horse trailer or boot, so you always have everything at hand.

Our T-Post fixed fence systems complete our extensive range of horse fences. If you are looking for a robust, long-lasting horse fence for the whole year, then this fence model is perfect for you. The fixed fence sets include sufficient accessories for the entrance, corners as well as matching insulators and ladder material.

Safety for Sheep, Goats & Alpacas: Sheep fence & Goat fence provide herd protection

Fencing robust animals such as sheep, goats and alpacas is not easy, because these animals have a particularly thick wool layer that conducts light electrical impulses poorly. The current does not penetrate the wool and the animals feel the electric shocks little or not at all. In addition, sheep, goats and alpacas are grazing animals that are often moved. For this reason, these animals are often kept in mobile sheep nets that are easy to move.

Our complete sets for sheep, goats and alpacas contain everything you need to erect a herd-proof electric fence in no time and without tools. The starter sets are either equipped with a powerful 230V electric fence or with a mobile 12V battery or solar-powered device. The mobile units are ideal if the grazing area is further away from your property.

Wolf fence & Wolf net: Guard-proof wolf fence set for active wolf defence

Since wolves have been increasingly settling in European forests for some time, it is becoming more and more necessary to protect sheep and other livestock from wolves. Sheep are often kept in a protective fence in neighbouring forest areas, but these are often little or not at all wolf-proof. To effectively keep wolves away from your flock, we have specially tailored complete electric fence sets with sturdy wolf nets on offer.

Deer fence & Wild boar fence: Keeping out-set against roe deer, red deer, wild boar, badgers & foxes

Whether wild boar destroy entire fields or the garden, the damage that a pack of wild boar can cause is enormous. They ravage the ground in search of food, dig up plants, eat or destroy vegetables, fruits, crops, even in private gardens. If the wild animals meet humans and other animals, they may behave aggressively. In practice, electric fences have proven to be an effective means against wild boars, as these animals are sensitive to electricity. Our wild boar fence sets include a high-impact electric fence, several earth poles, stakes, ladder material or a special wild boar defence net. The complete sets for wild animal defence are available from us in various fence lengths with 230V power supply or 12V rechargeable battery and can also be used effectively against foxes, badgers and wolves.

Deer, these beautiful and graceful animals, are not a threat to humans or animals, but they do a lot of damage to forest crops and home gardens. Like wild boars, they don't stop at fresh salad & flower beds, young plants, forestry plantings and young nurseries. Protect your fields from these leaping animals with our deer fence sets. Most deer fence sets come with stakes and strands so you can adjust the fence length and height to suit your individual needs.

Pond fence & Garden fence set: Protect your garden against herons, otters & other fish thieves

You can protect your pond, fishery or garden from fish thieves in various ways. Here, the use of electric pond fencing has proven to be the best quick and effective solution to reliably secure pond areas against herons, otters and other animals. Herons stalk from the shore into the water to hunt for prey. If access to the shore area is blocked, they look for new hunting grounds. And if the electric fence is stretched close to the ground, then otters and other uninvited fish thieves can no longer get near your pond.

Our complete pond protection fences contain everything you need for safe fencing of fish ponds. If you want to fence off a larger area, our sets can also be flexibly extended. We offer complete sets with strands and posts so that you can choose the fence height yourself. If you want to erect the fence even faster, a pond net set with integrated stakes is an excellent choice.

Solar pasture fence sets: Energy-saving pasture fence with solar power

A resource-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to normal electric fencing is offered by our pasture fence sets with 12 V solar power. These models save a lot of working time and costs during the main grazing season (April to October), as the electric fence automatically charges itself using solar energy and supplies the grazing device with electricity. A solar-powered electric fence is particularly interesting if the grazing area is further away from your property or if you do not have the time to regularly charge the battery of a battery-powered device.

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