Wolf fence set & wolf net for effective wolf defence at Agrarzone

Who is afraid of the bad wolf? Thanks to our wolf fence, your sheep certainly aren't!

Wolf fence at a glance:

  • Contains everything for effective wolf defence
  • High herding security for flocks of sheep & other grazing animals
  • Nets are extendable and can be easily connected to each other
  • Tight mesh and reinforced bottom strands prevent slipping through
  • Easy to erect, also suitable for mobile use

Why a wolf fence at all?

Since wolves have been increasingly settling in European forests for some time, it is becoming more and more necessary to protect sheep, goats and other livestock from wolves. Sheep in particular are among the prey animals of wolves. To keep them away from your flock, an electric pasture fence serves as a protective measure.

With our complete wolf fence sets you get everything you need for an effective wolf defence and safe fencing of your sheep. You no longer need any additional equipment. Simply set up - your sheep are immediately well protected!

Get practical tips here to help you choose the right wolf fence set. Do you have any further questions about our complete sets? Contact our customer service, our herding protection experts will be happy to help you.

Wolf fence: What is the advantage over a sheep fence?

Extra height: Wolf nets are higher than normal sheep nets. They are considered wolf-proof from a height of 120 cm when electrified. At up to 122 cm, our wolf nets are high enough to prevent a jump over the net.

More fenced area: With up to 500 m in length, you can fence in the grazing area large enough with our wolf fence set so that your sheep have the opportunity to avoid a wolf that appears at the fence. Because if the grazing area is too small, the flock of sheep will quickly panic, which can lead to the destruction of the fence and thus cancel out the protective effect.

Reliable protection against undermining: Wolves are very cautious when confronted with unknown obstacles and are more likely to try to undermine a pasture fence instead of jumping over it. That's why our wolf nets have a reliable, live ground termination that prevents undermining.

In 4 questions to the right wolf fence:

1. Do you have an electrical outlet nearby?

Yes, I have an electrical outlet nearby: In that case, a wolf fence with a 230V power connection is always best for you, because this way your sheep are well protected around the clock and you don't have to worry about regular battery charges.

No, I don't have a power socket nearby: If you keep your sheep on pasture, then you may not have a power outlet nearby. Therefore, reach for a Wolf set with a 12V rechargeable battery unit. Note, however, that you will need to charge the battery every 2-4 weeks.

2. Do you have time to change or charge the battery of the electric fence every 2-4 weeks?

Yes, I have time for this: Then you can use a wolf fence with a 12V battery without any problems. However, if you have permanent access to a power socket, then a 230V electric-powered wolf fence set is the better choice.

No, I don't have time for this: If a 230V power outlet is nearby, then a mains-powered wolf fence is always your best choice. But if you don't have electricity and don't want to charge the battery regularly, a solar-powered wolf fence is better. This way the wolf fence is powered by solar energy, you save on frequent battery changes and electricity costs are almost completely eliminated.

3. Do you always keep your flock of sheep in the same place or do you change the grazing area frequently?

Fence always stays in the same place: In that case, a wolf fence with 230V is always best. This way, your sheep are always well protected and you do not have to recharge the battery regularly.

Fence is used mobile: Then a battery-powered 12V wolf fence is the right fence for you. Please note, however, that you will have to replace the battery every 2-4 weeks. To ensure that your animals are always well protected, it is good to have a fully charged 12V battery in reserve. If you do not have time to charge the battery regularly, a wolf fence with solar-powered grazing device is the better solution. Even if there is no direct sunlight for a whole week, the solar fence will still have enough power to supply your wolf fence with sufficient electricity.

4. Is your fence heavily overgrown with grasses or bushes?

Yes, I have a lot of overgrowth: In that case, a wolf fence net with 2 strands is your best purchase. The additional electrification with pasture fence strand ensures an effective current flow even with heavy overgrowth.

No, I have little vegetation: Then you can use a normal 230 V electric fence set without any problems, because you have no bushes, grasses, etc. that could interfere with the power line of your protective fence.

These accessories fit your wolf fence:

Replacement wolf net: If you need a longer wolf fence, you can buy more electronic nets here. Our wolf nets can be easily connected to each other with the integrated metal clips and thus extended.

Electric fence battery & accumulator: If no battery or accumulator is included in the electric fence set or you need more to change, you will find suitable accumulators and batteries for all common 12V electric fence devices in this category.

Electric fence solar module: Solar modules are available as a supplement to almost all 12V battery-powered devices. This saves you frequent battery changes. Electricity costs for battery charging are also eliminated.

Electric fence gate: A wolf net door can be installed at any point on the wolf net and allows safe, easy exit and entry without the risk of electrocution.

Fence Net Replacement Stake: If a stake from your wolf fence is broken or you want to put a replacement stake in the corners of your wolf fence for extra stability, then you can purchase a suitable willow net replacement stake here at a low price.

Warning signs: By law, any electric pasture fence along a public way must be marked with warning signs at regular intervals.

Pasture fence tester: With a pasture fence tester you can measure the voltage of your electric fence. This way you can quickly determine whether the required voltage is present and your fence is safe.

Theft protection: You want to protect your electric fence against theft? Discover secure battery boxes to protect your electric fence here.

Various pasture net accessories: In this category you will find various pasture net accessories from soil drills to wire connectors to ground anchors.

Everything for wolf defence: In this category you will discover further accessories with which you can effectively protect your sheep from wolves.

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