What is an electric fence?

An electric fence gives off a current pulse approximately every 2 to 3 seconds. This means that you can easily and safely accommodate all different types of animals. If you want to buy an electric fence, you are exactly right with us, because we offer many different models at reasonable prices. An electric fence ensures a regulated and safe coexistence of animal and human. In addition, we offer in our shop everything useful to accessories, which may not be missing under any circumstances. In addition, you should know that all our products are in a very good price-performance ratio. No matter what you are looking for, the selection of various accessories as well as pasture fences knows absolutely no limits.

Buy electric fence equipment cheap & easy online

In addition to the fence, of course, the right electric fence accessories play a big role. You will find the optimal components for an electric fence in our online shop. Electric fence accessories such as electric fence insulators, wicker nets, ladder materials and fence posts are also available in our assortment at reasonable prices. In addition, you should know that door handles or grazing gates facilitate the use of the fence for both humans and animals. You will also find Weidetore cheap in our shop. Take your time and browse in peace through the various offers, you will certainly quickly find the right accessories for your needs and desires quickly.

The advantages of an electric fence

A landscaped pasture fence offers many different benefits, which are, you can find out here:

  • An electric fence is very easy to install.
  • You have the opportunity to easily expand or change it.
  • The risk of injury to humans and animals is minimal.
  • An electric fence perfectly adapts to the agricultural conditions.
  • Ensures a sustainable and consistent demarcation of grazing animals.

The electric fence insulators

If you buy a fence cheap, the right isolators must not be missing. These are responsible for ensuring that the fence posts do not come into contact with the conductor material. This means that the current flows immediately into the ground in this way. For a perfect insulation, a qualitative material of the insulators is very important. For this reason, you should pay particular attention to these and also check them regularly. Insulators are available in many different materials and designs. Whether you ultimately want to opt for plastic insulators or ceramic, is entirely up to you.

Do you need more electric fence info?

Feel free to use our fence calculator or contact our specialists for all your questions about your electric fence. We are happy to give you the appropriate information to make your electric fence professional working and quickly build.