Ear Protection: Ear plugs & ear muffs for noisy environments

Noise at work, music from the loudspeakers, high noise levels in traffic: The world is extremely loud and our sensitive hearing is not made for that. If you want to prevent noise-related hearing loss, you should use suitable hearing protection. Ear protection is part of personal protective equipment and is mandatory if the potential hazard requires it.

In many modern workplaces, a high level of noise is part of everyday working life. But our hearing is not made for such a high level of noise exposure, rather our hearing was created by evolution for a life in nature.

In order to protect yourself from excessive noise levels, hearing protection in the form of ear plugs, clamp ear protectors or earmuffs makes sense. Hearing protection is part of personal protective equipment and, along with protective goggles, hard hats and protective clothing, is compulsory if the hazard potential requires it.

Why is hearing protection so important?

Our hearing is an extremely valuable and very sensitive sense organ. Most people take hearing for granted. Short-term but also regular overloading of the ears can lead to considerable impairment and even hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss rarely occurs overnight. It builds up much more over time and from any unprotected exposure to dangerous noise. A permanently excessive noise level can not only lead to hearing loss, but also cause numerous other health problems.

In order to be able to continue enjoying the full spectrum of sounds in life, our ears must be equipped with ear protection in noisy situations. Ear protection ensures safe working in noisy environments.

Good to know: The employer must provide suitable hearing protection from as low as 80 dB (A), because beyond this value irreversible damage to the sensitive auditory cells is possible. Hearing protection is compulsory at the workplace if the exposure exceeds 85 db (A).

Hearing protection at Agrarzone: Buy professional earplugs and hearing protectors online

As a professional in matters of occupational safety, Agrarzone offers various hearing protection models in different designs and with good SNR attenuation values (signal-to-noise ratios).
In the Hearing Protection section you will find a comprehensive selection of different hearing protection solutions in the form of barely visible earplugs, clamp ear protectors and earmuffs.

Regardless of which hearing protection you choose, Agrarzone products have been developed by experts, meet the legal standard DIN EN 352 and offer professional protection against excessive noise levels.

Extensive selection of hearing protection solutions at Agrarzone:

The most commonly used hearing protection solutions are single-use ear plugs. The inexpensive and comfortable earplugs are practically available as a set of 10.

Hearing protection with a cord has pre-formed ear plugs with a triple flange design that is particularly convenient for ears. Flexible, elastic and super comfortable: ear plugs ensure pleasant comfort in the ear canal. The risk of loss is effectively reduced thanks to a cord that holds both earplugs together.

Particularly light clamp ear protectors are practical because they can be put on and taken off quickly. In addition, the ear protection is particularly comfortable and can be worn around the neck when not in use.

Do you love listening to music at work? Then test out hearing protection with a radio.

With an all-round earmuffs you are ideally protected in noisy environments. Level-dependent ear muffs with soundproofing, on the other hand, are ideal if you want to talk to those around you. Equipped with a microphone, you can communicate optimally with your surroundings even in noisy environments.

Do you need safe and flexible hearing protection that you can easily take with you? Then we recommend foldable ear muffs with an adjustable headband.

In many everyday situations such as learning in a noisy environment, but also in noisy leisure activities such as music and sporting events, and accompanying their parents when doing DIY, children need particularly safe children ear muffs.

What types of ear protection are there and when do I wear which ear protection?

In the specialist market there is a huge selection of different hearing protection models, which differ in terms of construction, functionality and material. Depending on the area of application or the work to be done, other hearing protection is recommended:

Ear plugs are recommended:

Clamp ear protectors are recommended:

  • For work areas with a constant high level of noise.
  • If you sweat too much, wear ear muffs.
  • If further personal protective equipment has to be worn (like head protection, eye protection, respiratory protection etc.).
  • For brief, loud noise exposure, where frequent putting on and taking off of hearing protection is necessary.

Earmuffs are recommended:

  • For brief, loud noise exposure, where frequent putting on and taking off of hearing protection is necessary.
  • When ear plugs cannot be worn (e.g. through an ear canal that is too narrow).
  • There is a susceptibility to ear canal and ear infections or other intolerances.
  • If good sound perception is required, high-insulation earmuffs should be avoided.

10 things to consider when buying hearing protection:

1. Pressure:

Excessive pressure on the hearing protection can make wearing it uncomfortable. With earplugs, the pressure depends on the size of the earplug compared to the size of the ear canal. With ear muffs, the pressure of the headband ensures good insulation of the capsules. Ideally, you should try out several ear protection models for a longer period of time in order to decide which hearing protection is comfortable for you.


Available in different sizes from specialist stores, you can choose ear protection that fits snugly but is still not uncomfortable. For people with smaller ears and therefore a smaller ear canal, smaller, pre-molded earplugs are better to use than large, inflexible earmuffs.

3. Comfort & Weight:

If the earplugs are reinserted several times a day, the softness of the ear protection can become an important consideration. The ear protection should ideally be made of soft PU foam that feels good in the ear even after repeated use.

When buying your earmuffs, also pay attention to the weight. Better insulating ear muffs usually have larger, heavier capsules. For example, hearing protectors with better insulation properties are not as comfortable as lightweight earmuffs. With a lighter earmuff model, the wearer can hear important ambient noises and does not have to forego comfort. This means that it is comfortable and comfortable to wear all the time you are exposed to high noise levels. Clamp ear protectors are also a light alternative to heavy ear muffs.

4. Temperature:

If you work in a humid and hot environment, ear muffs are usually not comfortable for long. When working in a windy and cool atmosphere, however, earmuffs are often preferred to other hearing protection models. Thanks to lightweight solutions such as washable, reusable earplugs or lightweight clamp ear protectors, you can increase comfort depending on the warmth. In addition, these hearing protection models are particularly easy to clean and are hygienic to wear.

5. Cleaning:

If you work in a dirty environment or wear working gloves at work, self-shaping, reusable earplugs with practical handles help keep the earplugs hygienic with every use. Such hearing protection plugs with stems or handles do not have to be preformed prior to insertion, so that the plugs are effectively protected from contamination.

6. Storage:

With a practical storage box, you can keep your hearing protection hygienic and clean between work. Fillable earplug dispensers are also practical, so that your employees can always use clean hearing protection equipment.

7. Ease of use:

If you wear hearing protection, you may have to wear other protective equipment such as head protection, eye protection or a respirator. To ensure that there is adequate protection, you should make sure that the individual components of your personal protective equipment match each other when choosing hearing protection.

Your ear protection should also match the work environment. In a dusty and dirty environment, washable earplugs make more sense than earmuffs. In the food industry, on the other hand, metal-detectable earplugs should be given preference, as this prevents the contamination of food by the ear protection.

8. Frequent reuse:

If you have to quickly take off and put on your ear protection on a regular basis, self-shaping or clamp ear protectors or earplugs are particularly time-saving and practical. If your work environment also requires a helmet and protective goggles, helmet-mounted ear muffs with comfortable protective goggles are ideal.

9. Insulation:

Appropriate hearing protection offers the optimal balance between noise insulation and perception of the environment. In environments with a low noise level (e.g. below 80 dB), high-insulation hearing protectors lead to overprotection and thus to undesirable restrictions in the ability to hear and speak.

10. Communication:

When wearing suitable hearing protection, noise is reduced to a more comfortable volume. At this volume, our ears are able to convert noise, speech, and important warning sounds more normally and with less distortion. Accordingly, your hearing protection should not have too much or too little noise insulation so that you can hear important ambient noises or communicate with other people. Appropriate hearing protection that is worn according to the regulations offers sufficient protection against noise and still ensures a good level of communication.

Additional accessories for your personal protective equipment

Many professional activities make the use of personal protective equipment indispensable. Whether on the construction site, in the industrial sector or during agricultural activities: With personal protective equipment, you protect yourself against all risks to your safety and health.

At Agrarzone you will find a comprehensive range of high-quality protective equipment with which you can protect yourself effectively in every situation:

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