Water trough from Agrarzone

  • Water drinker for horse, cattle, pig, sheep, goat, poultry & small animals etc.
  • UV and frost resistant materials for year round outdoor use
  • Robust and shatterproof materials for the safety of your animals
  • Continuous drinking water supply for your animals even without electricity and pressurized water pipes

Our water trough for pigs, horses, cattle & Co.

Depending on the keeping and herd size you need different water troughs:

Are your animals out on pasture all year round or in an unheated barn? Do you have only 2-3 animals or a whole herd? Do you have an electricity connection on the pasture to run a pump?

In our Agrarzone-Onlineshop you will find different animal drinkers for pigs, horses, cattle & Co.

There are different drinking troughs with different mechanisms, which can activate the water supply at the drinking trough. These drinking bowls are common:

  • Swimmer valve drinking bowl
  • Pipe valve drinking bowl
  • Nose paddle bowl
  • Low pressure drinking bowl
  • Bite drinker
  • Drinking trough
  • Pasture drinker
  • Pasture pump

Drinking bowls with a swimmer valve are often used for young animals or sensitive animals. The drinking water runs on regularly as soon as the water falls below a certain level. Thus, the animals do not have to activate the swimmer valve themselves.

A drinker with a pipe valve is one of the smooth-running self-drinkers and is suitable for sheeps, goats and horses. In a drinking bowl with a pipe valve, the animal activates the water supply by pressing the pipe with its mouth. This opens the pipe valve and water flows into the trough.

In the nose paddle bowl, the animal activates the tongue valve with the tongue or mouth and thus gets fresh drinking water. This mechanism is sluggish than with the pipe valve, which makes it particularly water-saving and popular in fattening animal farming.

Your animals are automatically supplied with water with a low-pressure watering bowl on the pasture. They are available as stainless steel and cast drinking bowls for a connection with a low-pressure floating valve.

For an appropriate water supply in winter there are heated drinking bowls, which do not hinder the supply of fresh drinking water in frost. Frost protection thermostats and special heating cables help to ensure that the water pipe does not freeze in winter.

Bite drinkers: You can easily expand your bay wall system with a connection pipe for bite nipples. To protect your bite nipple drinker, you should use a sturdy stainless steel protective bar.

Drinking trough: Stainless steel trough drinkers are available in different sizes and designs. In our shop you can buy troughs with a capacity of 30 l -70 l.

Pasture drinker: Pasture waterer are outdoors all year round and must therefore be made of UV and frost-resistant material. In our shop you will find pasture drinkers in various sizes and matching accessories.

Pasture pump: With our pasture pumps you can supply your animals with fresh drinking water despite the lack of power and pressure water lines.

The right water trough for every situation

Hygienic and durable: cast iron drinking bowls are coated with a high-quality enamel finish. These provide optimum hygienic surface protection for years to come. Drinking bowls made of plastic are UV-resistant and do not fade or become cracked or brittle on sunny pastures.

Pleasant drinking quality down to -15 degrees: With a heatable drinking trough you can supply your cattle, horses and other animals with fresh water even in winter when out on the pasture.

Water supply also without electricity & pressure water pipes: With our pasture pumps you can pump the drinking water for your animals from a well, the ground water or a nearby stream. There is no need for a power supply. Your animals are constantly supplied with fresh and clean drinking water.

How to choose the right water drinking bowl

Depending on the animal species like cows, horses, pigs etc. they have different demands on the water supply and therefore you should first consider a few factors before buying the right water drinker:

  • Does the drinking bowl model suit to my animal and the age of the animal?
  • Does the water volume of the potions, the amount of water per minute and the number of drinker places meet the needs of my animals?
  • Is the drinker suitable for my form of keeping (individual or group)?
  • Can the drinker be heated and is it suitable for installation in cold stables?

For which animals are our water drinkers suitable?

Our water troughs differ according to the following animal species:

  • Cattle
  • Pig
  • Horse
  • Poultry/Bird
  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Small animals (dog, rabbit etc.)

Cow drinking trough & Cattle drinking trough - Water trough for cattle, calves & dairy cows

Dairy cows, cattle and calves are normally supplied with water using a nose paddle bowl. The animal hangs its mouth in the drinking bowl, which is filled with fresh water by the tongue pressure. Cows & cattle have sensitive mouths and are easily disturbed by dirt, which is why drinking bowls with a swimmer valve are not suitable for cows, cattle & calves.

If you keep your cattle in a cold stall and if you want the animals to be well supplied with water even in frosty temperatures, the best thing to do is to use a heated drinking bowl. A kick protection for calves and cattle is particularly practical, as the animals like to kick and damage the drinking bowl.

Appropriate calf feeders are available for calves and young animals. These calf feeders consist of a calf drinking bucket or basin, which are equipped with a suction valve especially for calves.

Horse drinking trough & Pony drinking trough - Water trough for horses & ponies

For horses and ponies, self-drinkers such as an easy-to-use drinker with a pipe valve are particularly suitable. If your horse is particularly sensitive, a drinking bowls with a swimmer valve is ideal. Swimmer valve drinkers do not have to be operated independently and refill automatically when the water level falls below.

If you keep your horses in the pasture, then you can offer the animals water in a UV-resistant and spacious pasture waterer. On cold days, the supply of fresh water is guaranteed by heated horse water troughs.

Pig drinker & Piglet drinker - Drinking bowl for breeding sows, piglets & fattening pigs

For pigs & piglets there is a drinking bowls with a swimmer valve or a nose paddle bowl perfect. This drinking bowl models are ideal for fattening pigs, breeding sows and piglets.

In order to keep the water consumption in the pig fattening as low as possible and yet all animals are supplied with sufficient water, there are special pig drinkers and piglet drinkers: Bite drinkers and spray nipples are water-saving drinker alternatives for pigs and piglets. With a spray nipple, a plate under pressure is opened and water is sprayed into a water trough. In the case of a bite nipple, the pig must take the nipple completely into its mouth and water is only released when it bites.

Sheep Drinker & Lamb Drinker - Drinking bowl for sheep & lambs

If you keep sheep and lambs, you should give the animals access to clean and fresh drinking water at all times. For a species-appropriate sheep farming, a drinking bowl with a swimmer valve, a drinker with a pipe valve or a large pasture drinker is ideally used. With these waterer models, the animals do not have to use any force to get fresh water.

Goat Drinker - Goat drinking trough

Pipe valve drinkers or drinking bowls with a swimmer valve are also suitable for goats. With these drinking models, the animals can get fresh water without having to use force. With a spacious pasture drinker you ensure sufficient water intake in the pasture.

Poultry waterer & Small animal drinkers - Drinking bowls for chickens, quail, small animals & Co.

Poultry such as chickens, quail, pigeons, ducks and much more need special poultry waterer. Poultry drinkers are filled with water and either run on automatically or are regularly refilled by the poultry farmer. Whether bottle drinker, automatic poultry drinker or poultry waterer with an integrated water tank: The suitable poultry drinker depends on a number of factors, such as the number of chickens, their age and the location of the water supply. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals, on the other hand, need special drinking troughs for small animals.

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