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In our deuka shop you will find the popular and proven deuka feed for poultry, rodents and horses at reasonable prices.

We ship all Deuka feed within 1-2 days to Austria and Germany. The Deuka feeds are optimized together with our customers. This high quality orientation leads to a sustainable feeding success. That is why deuka has the claim to offer the products

  • optimally cover the nutrient requirements of the animals
  • ensure a consistently high quality
  • be accompanied with a tailored to the respective customer feeding advice and
  • are available at a market price

deuka poultry feed - proven for generations

If a deuka poultry feed contains the denomination "all-mash", then this variety is a complete feed. The formulas of complete feed are put together so that they are able to provide the animals with all the necessary nutrients and active ingredients when fed alone. An embedding of e.g. Cereals or bread remains is not necessary or not recommended.

deukanin - rodent food for winners

The right rodent feed at the right time - performance and health of the rabbit are determined crucially by feeding and feeding. The deukanin program stands for a balanced and natural diet of your rabbits. All types of feed are optimally matched to the nutrient requirements in the various performance and life phases by careful selection of raw materials.

deukavallo - of course good horse feed

For over 40 years, deuka has been taking care of the well-being of your horse. The incentive is to produce horse feed to the highest quality standards. For this, deukavallo is in constant exchange of experience with the animal nutrition institutes of the universities and veterinary universities. Food for the needs of your horse! Individual situations require individual solutions. Whether leisure, sport or breeding horse, hopeful youngster or experienced senior: deukavallo offers the right food for every horse!