Wild animal feed for red deer & wild animals - Buy premium quality from Austria

Our wild animal feed is the ideal basic feed for red deer and wild animals. Our wild animal feed is specially tailored to the species-appropriate needs of red deer and consists of the best GMO-free grain from Austria.

Our balanced and species-appropriate deer feed & red deer feed was developed by experts and has been helping for years to significantly safeguard the wild animal population and prevent bite marks on plants and trees. Due to the high feed quality, which is guaranteed by high-quality raw materials and strict controls, our wild animal feed is extremely popular and has been shown to effectively improve the resistance and strength of the wild animal.

Our wild animal feed mixtures contain all the important nutrients and are perfectly tailored to the needs of red deer. High-quality raw materials from the region are used, which leads to short transport routes and strengthens regional agriculture. The deer feed, like the red deer feed, is guaranteed to be GMO-free.

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Optimal deer feed for every season

Whether for safeguarding the deer population or to prevent damage to young crops and tree shoots - our deer food provides the optimal basic supply for red deer in every season. Depending on the season and the special needs of the animals, different demands are placed on wildlife feeding:

Our proven classic wild animal feed for the whole year is the Leimüller wild animal feed classic. The feed has a high raw protein content and a large proportion of natural apple dry pomace and is therefore also ideal for the cold season.

Our Leimüller spring mix is ideal for deer feeding from February to March / April. The red deer feed has a low raw protein content and optimally prepares the deer for the young plant vegetation.

The special Leimüller transition period feed is made from corn, oats and sesame pellets for a gentle change from dry to green feed and back.

The Leimüller power mix convinces as a high-quality deer feed mix for the winter. With an increased content of soybean meal and sesame pellets as well as the additional addition of sunflower oil, this wild animal feed ensures a high supply of nutrients on snowy and vegetation-poor days.

Our Leimüller rumen mix for red deer reliably prevents rumen acidification due to its low acidity and is a particularly rumen-friendly wild animal feed.

Deer feed at Agrarzone:

Wild animal feed 1 - solo without apple pomace

  • With sesame pellets and short-cut alfalfa hay
  • Contains valuable vitamins and minerals
  • With Infinite lock additive for less bite damage
  • Ensures high loyalty even in low-snow winters

Wild animal feed 2 - spring mix

  • Optimal deer mix for spring from February to March / April
  • Low crude protein content & high crude fiber supply
  • With natural apple pomace
  • Protects reliably against rumen acidification

Wild animal feed 3 - structure light

  • High crude fiber content & promotes digestive activity
  • With tasty apple pomace, sesame pellets and anise oil
  • Protects effectively against rumen acidification
  • With Infinite lock additive for less bite damage

Wild animal feed 4 - classic

  • Suitable for the whole year
  • With natural apple dry pomace and Infinite curling additive to prevent bite damage
  • Contains many important vitamins and minerals
  • Well-proven complete feed for wild animal feeding for years

Wild animal feed 5 - transition period mix

  • Deer feed mixture as an ideal transition feed
  • From natural corn, oats and sesame pellets
  • With apple pomace for good rumen tolerance
  • Low vitamin and mineral content

Wild animal feed 6 - rumen mix

  • Particularly easy on the rumen due to its low acidity
  • With particularly tasty carrots and anise oil - without corn
  • With natural apple pomace and lots of raw fibers
  • Infinite bait additive against bite damage

Wild animal feed 7 - deer animal feed

  • Optimal deer feed mix for October to February
  • Practice-proven complete food for deer
  • With high-quality cereals, sesame pellets and soybean meal
  • With important vitamins and minerals

Wild animal feed 8 - apple pomace mix

  • Suitable for the whole year
  • With valuable apple pomace
  • Low vitamin and mineral content
  • Infinite bait additive against bite damage

Wild animal feed 9 - power mix

  • High quality energy mix for cold winters
  • High supply of important nutrients
  • With apple pomace, soybean meal, sesame pellets and sunflower oil
  • Infinite bait additive against bite damage

Wild animal feed 10 - fiber

  • High crude fiber content
  • Oat free
  • With natural apple pomace
  • With valuable vitamins and Minerals

11 ruels for deer feeding:

  1. High quality, regular and balanced wild animal feeding
  2. Use the right wild animal feed for every season
  3. Ruminant feeding reduces the risk of rumen acidification
  4. Change feed slowly (at least 3 weeks)
  5. Careful remote location selection with enough space
  6. Deer feels particularly comfortable in sunny, sheltered places
  7. Accessibility to the feeding point must be possible even in winter with extreme snow conditions
  8. Several feeding points reduce an excessive deer concentration at one feeding point and thus the risk of infection
  9. No deer feed on the ground (can cause infections, feed deterioration and parasites)
  10. Use feed cribs, feed troughs and feed racks
  11. Regular cleaning of the feeding points

Store deer feed correctly

Proper storage of deer feed and the regular cleaning and cleaning of feed points and feed facilities is essential for the health of deer. Wild animals such as deer and mouflon are particularly sensitive to pathogens and parasites. With regular cleaning of the feeding points you keep feed losses from parasites low and ensure the health of the animals.

Several feeding places prevent a too strong deer change at one feeding place and accumulation of parasite larvae and pathogens. Regular cleaning and liming of hay racks, feed cribs and feed troughs also make a valuable contribution to the health of the animals and thus to safeguarding the deer population.

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