Cow cleaning machine increases the well-being of the cows

Cows feel the need to scratch and scrub. As a result, they cleanse themselves and rid themselves of parasites, lichens and mites. The brushing stimulates and stimulates the blood circulation. The use of a cow cleaning machine or a scratching brush is a significant contribution to the well-being of the cow and thus a prerequisite for a high milk yield. By scratching the brushes, the animals are calmer and their well-being is increased.

Our electric crayon brushes are easy to assemble. A sensor prevents tail hair from turning. All frame parts are galvanized and have been tested for the toughest use in pens. Furthermore, the Duo and Swing brushes are equipped with an intelligent control system with display. The detailed operating instructions enclosed with each machine provide all the important information needed for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The electric cattle brushes are virtually maintenance free. Appropriate lubrication at the press-in points and timely replacement of the brush rollers increase the life and attractiveness of the cow cleaning machine for the animals.