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The well-being of a cow is essential for a high milk yield. A cow cleaning machine not only cares for the cow's coat, but also effectively stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the skin. You can increase the wellbeing of your dairy cows with a cow brush and this has the following advantage: A happy cow produces more milk. Thanks to a cow brush, more profit can be made in the dairy industry.

With a cow brush you can ...

... increase the well-being and health of your herd and minimize injuries.
... have your cows cleaned and massaged automatically.
... earn more money for your farm.

On this page you can find out how a cow brush can increase the wellbeing of your cows and how you can choose the right cow brush and thus generate more monthly profits. Here we give you all the important information, essentially summarized, with which you can buy the best cow brush for your herd:

  1. What do you need a cow brush for?
  2. Benefits of a cow brush
  3. You should consider this when buying a good cow brush
  4. Which cow cleaning machine is right for me?
  5. The right location: Where do I mount the cow brush?
  6. Can I use a cow brush for other animals?

1. What do you need a cow brush for?

The body care of a cow is particularly important, because cows have a natural need to scratch themselves. In order to support the cows in this, the animals are provided with a cow brush (also cattle brush, cow cleaning brush or cow cleaning machine). On average, cows visit such cattle brushes or cow cleaning machines for 15 minutes a day.

If you don't have a cow cleaning machine where your cows can be scratched and massaged extensively, then your herd will use other scratching options in the form of stable accessories such as Watering places, walls, posts or bushes, trees etc. in the pasture, which in turn can lead to injuries and costly damage.

With a cow brush, your cows can independently remove parasites and dirt from their fur and be pampered. This additional cow comfort has a positive effect on the well-being and health of your cows. A happy cow gives a higher milk yield, which in turn is good for your wallet. So you can increase the monthly income in the dairy industry with a cow cleaning machine.

2. Advantages of a cow brush:

If you compare the contribution to the cost of a cow brush with the numerous advantages that come with it, you will quickly see that it is worth purchasing a cow brush. A cow brush has many advantages for your herd and dairy industry:

Minimize the risk of injury: If cows scratch sharp or pointed objects, injuries are often associated with the scratching process. If the cows rub against a cow cleaning machine, then the animals cannot injure themselves so quickly. This saves you expensive medication and visits from the vet.

Less production downtimes: Injuries lead to production downtimes and take up valuable time. With a cow cleaning machine that satisfies the natural itching and scratching needs of your cows, you save your time and can continue your production operations without downtime.

Avoid damage in the barn: without a cow brush, the cows like to choose another favorite spot in the barn to scratch and scrub. This place is then used by all other herd members for scratching. This leads to expensive repair costs and possible injury and safety risks.

Contaminated drinking water: If the cows scrub against the drinking bowl or water trough, the abrasion then gets into the cow's drinking trough. Due to the pollution of the drinking water, the cows take in less water, which has a negative effect on feed intake and milk yield.

Make more money: Brushing with a cow brush stimulates the cow's metabolism and improves blood circulation in the skin. The cow's digestion is supported and this in turn increases the amount of milk produced in many animals. The cow brush demonstrably helps to increase productivity and thus the monthly profit.

Automatic fur care: By frequently scratching and rubbing on a cow brush, your cows can free themselves of all dirt, dust, parasites etc. A cow brush automatically ensures a clean, smooth and well-groomed cow hide and makes daily grooming easier for you.

Cow health: A cow brush has a positive effect on the health of your herd because the risk of mange in the stable can be reduced with regular grooming. The infestation of other parasites is also reduced by extensive scratching and rubbing.

3. You should consider the following when buying a good cow brush:

Before going for a cow brush and buy it cheaply in our Agrarzone online shop, you should make a few considerations. Place of use, precautionary measures and operation - There are a few criteria that you should consider when buying a good cow cleaning brush:

  • Operation: There are electric cattle brushes and mechanical cattle brushes. A mechanical cow brush is particularly energy-saving and inexpensive to buy. A electric cow brush, on the other hand, better satisfies the cows' need to scratch. The large area of rotating brushing and massaging means that the skin is better supplied with blood and the metabolism is stimulated.
  • Holistic grooming: cows prefer to scrub their heads, necks and backs. For optimal fur care, a cow brush should get to these important parts of the body. A two-bristle cow brush covers all important areas of the body and is therefore usually preferable.
  • Replacement brush: With around 60 cows per cow brush, a cow brush will last an average of 4-5 years. Before buying a cow brush, it is best to make sure that a replacement brush is available and that it can be exchanged easily and without Problems.
  • Saving energy: If you opt for an electric cow brush, then choose an energy-saving model with an automatic switch-off device. This saves you energy when the cow brush is not in use.
  • Location: Many cattle brushes can either be attached to the walls, ceilings, the floor or outdoors in a cattle shed. In any case, you should adapt the cow brush to the local conditions. The cow brush needs enough space, a stable assembly and optionally a power supply. If you mount the cow brush outdoors, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions: Is the cow brush suitable for outdoor use? Does the cow brush meet the required IP protection class?
  • Animal welfare: A good cattle brush should brush and care for the cow hide in as many places as possible without injuring the cow. In order to protect your cows and avoid injuries, when buying an electric cow brush, make sure that the cow cleaning machine fulfills various safety aspects such as an automatic switch-off when the cow's tail gets tangled in the cow brush. The cow brush should also meet the manufacturer's instructions (like tail hair length).

4. Which cow cleaning machine is right for me?

In addition to the cattle stable, pasture fence, feeding trough and cattle drinker, a cow cleaning machine belongs in every species-appropriate cattle husbandry. There are various cow brushes available on the market. It is important to find the best cow brush for your needs and purposes. You should first and foremost adapt the cow cleaning brush to your stable and the local conditions, because every cow cleaning machine requires sufficient space, a stable assembly and, with an electric drive, a power supply.

These cow brushes are available:

Advantages of mechanical cow brush - electric cow brush:

  • Mechanical cow brush: Energy-saving, inexpensive, easy to maintain, no power supply required, lower risk of injury compared to electric cow cleaning brush
  • Electric cow brush: More thorough fur cleaning, more popular with cows, better satisfaction of the scratching need, optimal blood circulation in the skin and stimulation of the metabolism, higher milk yield of the cows

The right cow brush for your cattle stable:

Cow brush for large stalls with lots of space: The HappyCow Duo cow cleaning machine offers two cow brushes in a horizontal and vertical position and is ideal for cattle stalls with lots of space. The 2-brush cow cleaning machine offers a pleasant full body massage and grooming of your cows.

Cow brush for small stalls with little space: The HappyCow Swing cow cleaning machine or HappyCow MaxiSwing is ideal for smaller stalls with little space. The special arrangement of the brush in a vertical, pendular shape is particularly space-saving and makes it easier to clean the fur from head to body.

Cow brush for the outdoor stable: The HappyCow Uno cow cleaning brush has proven itself in the outdoor stable with many farmers. The cow brush is automatically activated by the cows by slightly lifting the brush via an automatic control system, which increases the cows' wellbeing immensely.

Cow brush for small farm animals: The HappyCow MiniSwing scratching brush is suitable for calves from 3 months and adult goats. The fully automatic scraper brush rotates in every direction and almost every angle. Almost every part of the body can be reached with the vertically oscillating brush, especially the head and torso are thoroughly cleaned.

Cow brush without electricity: A mechanical cattle brush like a wall mounts brush or 2-brush cow brushes offer the advantage that no external power supply is required. Brushing with the cattle brush stimulates and stimulates the blood circulation. By scratching, the cows clean themselves and get rid of parasites, lichens and mites. A cow brush without electricity is also suitable for other animals such as horses, goats, ponies, alpacas etc.

5. The right location: Where do I mount the cow brush?

Choosing the best location for the cattle brush is particularly important because if you place the cow brush in the wrong place, your cows will not use the cow brush:

  • The ideal place for the assembly of the scraper brush is a transition to another walkway or to an outdoor stable.
  • When assembling the cow cleaning brush, ensure that there is enough space so that no cows can crowd.
  • In order not to cause unrest in the cattle barn, cows of lower rank should be able to move away from the cow brush quickly (if a cow of higher rank wants to scratch itself).
  • Ideally, the floor is stable and roughened so that the cows have a firm footing when brushing and cannot slide away.
  • Observe the height at the withers of your own cattle and the manufacturer's specifications so that the cow cleaning brush can work properly.
  • A powered cow brush should have a power source nearby. The cows must not have access to the power connection or the socket.
  • The power cables should also not be accessible to the cows and should be protected from being bitten or kicked.

6. Can I also use a cow brush for other animals?

Electric cattle brushes are not suitable for other farm animals and pets such as horses, ponies, pigs, alpacas, etc., because with electric models there is too great a risk of the long tail or fur getting caught in them.

If you would like to use the cattle brush for other animals as well, then a mechanical brush without an electric drive, like Kerbl cattle brush EuroFarm, Kerbl cattle brush Texas, grooming brush, cleaning brush, or a half round scraper brush. Horses and cattle also like to use a scratching mat.

Specialist shops for horses, ponies, alpacas etc. also have brushes that are specially tailored to the species, with which you can care for your animal in a species-appropriate manner.

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