Conductor material

  • conducts the current reliably through the fence system
  • the lower the resistance in Ohm/m, the better the material conducts current
  • available as pasture fencing tape, rope, strand or wire
  • available in different colours, lengths and thicknesses

What is conductor material?

Conductor materials are responsible for conducting electricity safely through the fence system of electric fences. Depending on the material, a distinction is made between electric fencing tape, rope, polywire or wire.

When choosing the right conductor material, pay attention to the resistance in ohm/m. The lower the value, the better the material can conduct electricity.

Electric fencing tape, rope and polywire are plastic conductor materials in which the current-conducting wires are interwoven with plastic threads. Their procurement makes them particularly flexible and versatile.

In contrast to this, electric fence wires are made of hard metal. They are particularly robust and are therefore well suited for fixed fence construction.

In addition, conductor material is offered in different colours, thicknesses and lengths depending on use.

With 3 questions on the correct handling of conductor material

1. For which animal should which conductor material be used?

Depending on the strength and size of your animal, you should use different conductor materials.

Electric fencing tapes are versatile, as they are offered in different widths. Wide fencing tapes are used for larger animals such as cattle and horses. It is easier for the animal to recognise and more stable than a narrow fencing tape. A narrow tape is more suitable for smaller animals such as small horses or pigs.

The fencing rope can also be used to fence in larger and smaller animals. For cattle or horses thick ropes are recommended. For smaller animals, such as sheep, thinner ropes can be used.

Polywire and metal wires re particularly suitable for livestock farming. They are mainly used for fencing cattle, as they are slow animals.

2. How is the conductor material properly attached?

Conductor materials are attached to the pasture post with the help of insulators. Insulators not only ensure that the conductor material is kept at the desired height, but also prevent unwanted voltage being discharged into the ground.

Depending on which conductor material you have chosen, suitable insulators are available.

Due to their shape, ring insulators can be used for polywire, fencing ropes as well as for narrow electric fencing tapes.

Tape insulators are insulators that are used for electric fencing tapes.

Wire and rope insulators are designed to insulate and guide narrow ropes and wires.

3. How can you connect new and old conductor material?

Conductor material can be joined together using connectors. For example, if you want to enlarge your fence or rejoin torn material, two ends can be securely connected.

Depending on the material, suitable connector models are also available. For example, polywire can be joined together with the polywire connector with clips or screws.

Which accessories are helpful for conductor material:

Drop handles make it easier to unroll the conductor material: For example, so that you do not have to laboriously unroll the pasture fence tape by hand from the reel, the practical helper makes it easier to unroll conductor material.

Faster working with the one-handed drop aid: The one-handed unwinding of conductor material allows you to hang the conductor material into the insulators with your free hand at the same time.

Easy transport with fence reels: With the help of reels, conductor material can be easily rolled up and transported. Due to their size, single or up to four conductor materials can be attached to a reel stand.

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