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With a chicken fence (also poultry fence) you can keep your poultry safely in a designated area. Whether for protection against predators or against being fed out, with a poultry fence you can give your chickens & more free space to walk without having to worry about safety.

Overview of poultry fence:

  • Poultry net for chickens, quail, turkeys, ducks, geese & other animals such as sheep, dogs & cats
  • Available as electrifiable and non-electrifiable versions
  • With electrification also suitable for protecting against wild animals such as foxes or martens
  • Stable, clearly visible plastic piles offer a secure hold for the poultry net
  • Thanks to the narrow mesh size in the bottom area, it is particularly safe
  • Mobile use possible thanks to simple assembly and disassembly

What is a poultry fence?

The poultry farming of chickens, quail, ducks, geese etc. on their own property is gradually becoming popular these days. The poultry not only provides you with tasty fresh eggs on a regular basis, but the animals are also extremely delightful to look at.

The animals must be fenced in so that you can offer your poultry a species-appropriate free range and freedom of movement. This works best with a poultry fence, also known as a chicken fence or poultry net. With a poultry fence, you don't have to worry about the safety of your poultry. The poultry net prevents your feathered friends from leaving the designated area and at the same time offers protection against predators.

Setting up a chicken fence is convenient, effortless and can be done quickly by even beginners in poultry farming. A chicken net basically consists of stable electric fence posts made of plastic, which can easily be stepped into the ground. In order to optimally supply your poultry in the outdoor enclosure, you should set up an automatic poultry feeder and poultry waterer outdoor.

In 4 steps to the right chicken net

Step 1: How long must the chicken fence be?

Before you invest in a chicken fence, you have to ask yourself the following question in advance: How much exercise do you want to give your poultry? Of course, that depends on the size of your green space and the number of poultry you want to keep. Chicken fences are available from Agrarzone in 15 m, 25 m or 50 m fence lengths, with the fence lengths of 25 m and 50 m being particularly popular in poultry farming.

Our tip: If you want to offer your poultry even more freewheeling, you can expand the poultry nets at any time simply and easily. Thanks to the integrated metal clips, two separate poultry fences are connected to one another and thus extended.

Step 2: How high must the chicken fence be?

A very important point when buying a chicken fence is the height of the chicken fence. Many a poultry breed is particularly keen to fly and easily overcomes the chicken fence. It is best to find out in advance whether your poultry tends to flutter over higher obstacles. Basically, the lighter the poultry, the more likely it is that it will fly over the fence.

The common chicken nets have a height of 106 cm or 112 cm. This fence height is perfectly adequate for lazy and heavy poultry. Do you have a particularly flight-friendly poultry breed? Some specialist poultry nets are up to 2 m high.

Our tip: To prevent your poultry from escaping, you can simply trim the wings of the animals. Trimming the wings is not painful for chickens and the feathers grow back completely after some time. However, please note that a chicken with trimmed wings can no longer escape predators as quickly. Secure your chicken fence adequately against martens, foxes, etc. A poultry fence with electrification is best suited for this.

Step 3: Electric poultry fence - yes or no?

Now that you have selected the appropriate length and height of your chicken fence, the question remains whether the poultry fence should be electric or not. Is your poultry net used to ward off predators such as foxes or martens, you should choose an electric fence for chickens. However, if you are only concerned that none of your animals outbook you, then a poultry net without electrification is completely sufficient.

Our recommendation for a chicken fence: Electric chicken fence

Why do you need an electric chicken fence for chickens when most breeds of chicken cannot fly? Most chickens can hardly fly or jump, but chickens are particularly imaginative when it comes to breaking out of their own poultry pen. Many a chicken even climbs over a chicken fence. Protection from natural predators is particularly important because chickens are not particularly fast and are therefore easy prey for martens, foxes, hawks, etc.

Step 4: Choose the right spike for your surface

Fence posts are available with single spike or double spikes. If you want to build your poultry fence on a sandy or earthy surface, we recommend a poultry fence with double spike. The double spikes ensure stable anchoring in the ground, even on hilly terrain and in stormy weather. In the case of a stony ground surface, on the other hand, a poultry net with a single spike provides more hold.

How do you make a poultry fence escape-proof?

With the proper protection of your poultry fence, your poultry is protected from natural enemies and cannot be easily raided out. The following tips will help you make your poultry fence break-proof.

1. Use enough ground anchors

With enough ground anchors for poultry nets, your poultry can no longer slip under the poultry net and predators cannot enter the chicken enclosure. Specialist retailers have practical chicken fence kits with some ground anchors (tent pegs). However, to be on the safe side, you should buy additional ground anchors. It is optimal to place an additional ground anchor per meter of fence length.

2. Electric wire for additional security

With an additional electric fence wire you can additionally secure your poultry fence. The installation of a fence wire is particularly useful for corner posts.

3. Additional chicken fence posts

Robust plastic fence posts are already integrated in many chicken fence kits. To increase the security of your chicken fence, it makes sense to purchase additional electric fence posts. At Agrarzone we have a wide range of stable posts for your chicken net. If you are setting up a chicken fence in the garden, we recommend that you use posts with a double spike, which significantly increase the robustness and security of your poultry fence.

Please note: The pasture fence posts, like the poultry nets, are available in different sizes and colors. Make sure that the plastic posts are at least the same height as your chicken fence.

What do you have to consider with an electric fence for chickens?

An electric chicken fence is often no obstacle for chickens: Light electric shocks do not affect the plumage and even the beak and legs of chickens have insulation and are therefore insensitive to light electric shocks. For keeping chickens, you should use an electric fence with a strong energizer, because the tension in the long plumage must be significantly higher than in animals with short fur.

Basic rule: The longer the chicken fence, the higher the voltage of the energizer. The voltage should be 3000 V - 5000 V at every point of the chicken net. If vegetation such as grass or plants is in contact with the chicken fence, then the energizer requires more power than in green areas without vegetation. In our category Fence Tester & Controller you will find useful test equipment that you can use to check the voltage of your poultry net.

To secure the voltage of your electric fence, we recommend a normal 230 V electric fence device if you have a 230 V power connection in the vicinity. If you do not have a power source in the immediate vicinity, you can also operate a battery energizer, which is available as 12 V or 9 V. In a small chicken enclosure with little vegetation, a 9 V battery energizer is sufficient. If, on the other hand, you have a large pasture area with a lot of greenery, you should definitely choose a 12 V battery energizer.

Important: If you have an electric chicken fence, you are obliged to attach a warning sign every 100 m. At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of practical warning signs for your electric fence for chickens.

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Poultry fence with 15 m

Chicken fence PoultryNet 15 m, 106 cm, double spike

Poultry fence with 25 m

Chicken fence poultry net 25 m, electrifiable, 106 cm double spike
Chicken fence poultry net 25 m, not electrifiable, 106 cm, double spike
Chicken fence poultry net 25 m, electrifiable, 112 cm, double spike
Chicken fence poultry net 25 m, not electrifiable, 112 cm, single spike

Poultry fence at 50 m

Chicken fence poultry net 50 m, electrifiable, 106 cm, double spike
Chicken fence poultry net 50 m, not electrifiable, 106 cm, double spike
Chicken fence poultry net 50 m, not electrifiable, 112 cm, double spike
Chicken fence poultry net 50 m, electrifiable, 112 cm, single spike

This accessory is useful for a poultry netting

Electric Fence Gate: A door for poultry netting can be installed at any point of the net and allows easy entry and exit.

Poultry netting replacement post: If a post from your poultry net is defective, you can easily replace it with a willow net replacement post.

Various netting accessories: Here you will find various willow net accessories from soil drills to wire connectors to ground anchors.

Fence energiser 230V: If your poultry net can be electrified and a socket is nearby, a 230V pasture fence is your best choice for power supply.

Electric fence 12V: If you choose an electrifiable poultry network and do not have a socket outlet, you will need an electric fence energizer. For large pasture areas with green vegetation in the direct fence position, you should use a electric fence battery energizer with 12V.

Electric fence 9V: If you do not have to ward off wild animals and you only have a small electric fence, an electric fence battery energizer with 9V will probably suffice for you.

Fence tester: With a professional pasture fence tester you can check the tension of your poultry net and thus ensure an optimal tension ratio.

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