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Chicken feed: The right feed for every type of farming

The right choice of chicken feed depends on the animal husbandry.

Here we distinguish as follows:

  • Chickens for egg production
  • Chickens for breeding
  • Keeping Chickens at home

With proper nutrition your hens will stay healthy for a long time and lay tasty eggs with a beautiful yellow yolk.

Basically you should make sure that the basis of your chicken feed consists of corn or soya (preferably from Austria). The chicken can use these basic ingredients particularly well.

Pay attention to regional aspects when buying chicken feed: this way you know where the individual ingredients come from and what requirements they have to meet. Feed produced in Austria must meet high standards and is regularly inspected by the authorities.

Which feed is suitable for laying hens?

So-called laying hens are primarily kept for egg production. They have a high protein, fat and vitamin requirement, which must be met by the right chicken feed.

Which feed is suitable for breed chickens?

Breed chickens are mainly bred to preserve rare breeds of chicken. In this case, egg production is secondary. In contrast to laying hens, for example, the protein requirement of these animals is much lower. Accordingly, you should also choose the feed. You can easily choose a balanced mixture of grains with a lower crude protein content.

Which feed is suitable for home keeping?

Similar to the situation with breed chickens, the situation with home kept chickens is similar. Here too, egg production is a welcome side effect, but is not the primary objective. Therefore you can choose a chicken feed with a lower protein content.

With 3 questions about the right chicken feed

Question 1: Do you keep laying hens or breeding or domestic chickens?

If you have laying hens, you must fall back on a feed with a high protein content. These animals need a lot of energy to lay eggs every day. If, on the other hand, you keep pedigree chickens or simple domestic chickens, you can buy various grain mixtures. These animals need less protein than laying hens, for example.

Question 2: Do your chickens need complete or supplementary feed?

Complete feed already contains all the essential nutrients your chicken needs. All you need to do is provide the animal with more water and it is optimally supplied.

Supplementary feed is not suitable as complete feed. It has to be mixed with different types of grain and other raw materials to ensure that the chicken is optimally supplied.

Question 3: What structure should the feed have?

There are very different structures of chicken feed: floury, granulated, pelleted, whole grains or granulated. The finer the feed is, the longer your chickens will be busy picking it up from the ground - ideal for hens in hobby farming. The coarser the feed, the faster the chickens are full and perform better - desirable for laying hens.

These accessories are useful when buying chicken feed

Poultry drinker: In addition to the optimal chicken feed, the animals also need sufficient water to stay healthy and to enjoy laying. To ensure the water supply for your chickens, you need a suitable poultry drinker.

Poultry feed trough: In order to provide your chickens with feed, you can use various automatic feeders and troughs. The chicken feed stays dry and clean in them. The poultry feeder is available in different sizes for adult chickens and chicks.

Poultry transport box: For a visit to the vet or a house move you need to be able to transport your chickens safely. You can do this with a poultry transport box and your chickens will arrive safely at their destination.

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