CEECOACH - Wireless communication for equestrian sport & outdoor

Train with CEECOACH for even better, more efficient training! Thanks to its excellent speech quality, CEECOACH ensures clear and understandable wireless communication even when there is strong background noise and over long distances and, thanks to the support of Bluetooth headsets, offers more freedom of movement than ever before.

The innovative CEECOACH communication systems connect riders and outdoor athletes even where there are no mobile phone networks. With outstanding voice quality, child's play to operate and the most modern Bluetooth connection, with CEECOACH you ensure even more efficient training hours, better communication with each other and more security for the whole group.

CEECOACH is ideal for individual and group riding lessons. Riding instructors and riding students wear for wireless communication or a headset through which they can communicate. CEECOACH can not only be used for riding, but is also suitable for other sporting activities such as cycling, skiing, for trekking tours, sports schools or for wireless communication on the construction site.

All advantages of CEECOACH:

  • Excellent speech quality: CEECOACH guarantees clear and understandable wireless communication even when there is strong background noise and over long distances.
  • Ideal for individual training or group training: Thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology, 2 to 6 users can talk to each other and thus improve training success sustainably.
  • More reliable than standard radio systems: Thanks to CEECOACH, you get a trouble-free Bluetooth connection over a distance of up to 500 meters, regardless of smartphones or cellular networks.
  • Flexible role assignment: Each CEECOACH device can easily be defined as a moderator or participant. So there are no special transmitter or receiver devices and groups can be easily adapted.
  • Full duplex technology: Communication is always open to moderators and participants. This way, both sides can speak and listen to each other. Communication has never been so easy!
  • Parallel training possible: If the CEECOACH devices are connected to each other, frequency overlaps can no longer occur. This means that several groups can easily train in parallel.
  • Simple operation: Thanks to three large buttons, CEECOACH is very easy and intuitive to use. Due to the wave-shaped design, CEECOACH can be operated even with gloves and without looking.
  • All devices of the CEECOACH series are compatible: No matter whether CEECOACH 1 or CEECOACH 2, all devices can be easily connected to each other.

In 3 questions to the perfect CEECOACH communication system

Question 1: Wired device or wireless Bluetooth device?

CEECOACH 1 is the ideal choice for anyone who does not need a Bluetooth headset. It is based on the same technology as CEECOACH 2 and can be easily connected to second-generation devices with the current software.

CEECOACH 2 ensures even better wireless communication in riding training and, thanks to the support of Bluetooth headsets, offers more freedom of movement than ever before. With CEECOACH 2, up to 6 users can talk to each other over a distance of up to 500 meters.

Question 2: Everyday headset or demanding environmental conditions?

Good voice quality and easy handling make the Jabra Boost a popular everyday companion. Small, slim, modern and outstanding performance: With up to 9 hours of talk time and one year standby time thanks to the new Power Nap function, you can make calls all day without worrying about the battery. With the dual USB adapter, you can easily charge up to two devices in the car.

The Jabra Steel, on the other hand, was designed for extreme environmental conditions and is a particularly robust Bluetooth headset designed for craftsmen and equestrians in robust industrial quality. No matter whether wind or ambient noise, dust, earth, dirt or water - The Jabra Steel will not let you down and ensures clear speech quality. Three different attachments ensure optimal comfort and a secure hold during sporting activities. In addition, Jabra Steel earphones are shockproof and can also withstand a fall from a great height.

Question 3: Do you want to expand the CEECOACH communication system?

Our CEECOACH communication systems are practically available as a set for 2 users. If you want to add a user, our CEECOACH training equipment can be practically expanded with another CEECOACH single set. In this way, up to 6 users can speak to each other over a distance of up to 500 meters and thus sustainably increase training success.

Practical accessories for your CEECOACH communication system

  • Outdoor kit for CEECOACH 1 and 2: With an outdoor kit, CEECOACH devices of generation 1 and 2 can now be used even more flexibly - especially when it gets wet or particularly dusty. Our outdoor kit consists of two waterproof protective covers with Velcro wristbands for attachment as well as water-repellent headsets (Jabra Active) plus additional wind protection.
  • CEECOACH storage bag: The transport bag for up to four CEECOACH devices offers enough space for additional accessories and ensures safe, well-padded transport. The bag has two adjustable compartments, a zipper and a handle. You can also purchase many of our CEECOACH communication systems as a set with a suitable carrying case.
  • CEECOACH storage case: The storage case offers enough storage space for up to six CEECOACH devices and ensures practical and safe transport. The case offers protection against dust and splash water and is therefore particularly suitable for larger groups as well as riding and ski schools.
  • CEECOACH replacement belt clip: Our CEECOACH models are always delivered with a practical belt clip to be pushed onto the CEECOACH device and attached to the belt holder. If your belt clip becomes defective or you have lost it, you can buy a practical replacement belt clip here.

Differences between CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2:

CEECOACH 1 is designed for use with wired earphones only. The CEECOACH strap headsets ensure a firm fit on the ear. So you can ride even in faster gaits without any problems. The advantage of the wired CEECOACH headsets is that they do not have to be charged separately because they do not have their own battery.

CEECOACH 2, on the other hand, can be operated with wired stereo headsets as well as wireless Bluetooth headsets. The accessories of the CEECOACH 2 Kit Duo also include two wired stereo headsets. This is particularly useful if the battery of a Bluetooth headset runs out during riding training. In this case, a cable headset can be used temporarily and the training can continue without any problems.

CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2 can be used easily and simply together, but all devices should have the same software Version.

CEECALM - Calming device for horses buy online

CEECALM is a unique calming device that relaxes horses with the aid of acoustic stimuli and thus reduces stress symptoms. For calming during transport and loading or reducing stress during veterinary examinations - CEECALM ensures more balanced animals and relaxed horse owners.

CEECALM is particularly suitable for the following areas of application:

  • Getting used to a new environment or new owner
  • Calm during transportation and loading
  • Stress reduction in veterinary examinations
  • Distraction when horses are separated
  • General relaxation in the barn
  • Prevention of anxiety, like in thunderstorms

CEECALM represents a completely new approach when it comes to practical solutions for handling your horse. Tested and further developed under veterinary care, CEECALM promotes relaxation in horses with targeted acoustic stimuli and reduces excitement in stressful situations. It creates natural trigger noises that have a calming effect on horses and can be used almost anywhere.

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