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Our cat food is tailored to the special needs of free-range cats and house cats & provides your velvet paw with all the important nutrients it needs for a long and happy cat life.

Are you unsure about choosing the right cat food? Does your current cat food supply your velvet paw with all the important nutrients?

On this page we give you all the information you need to know about cat food and cat nutrition and introduce you to various nutritional methods for your velvet paw. So you can find the optimal cat food in no time, tailored to your cat's Needs.

Cat food optimally matched to the needs of free-range cats and house cats

You can find a large selection of high-quality dry cat food and wet cat food in our cat food shop. Packed in practical bags and cans, our cat food has a particularly long shelf life.

Cat food from EMMA is optimally adapted to the species-appropriate needs of cats and is suitable for outdoor cats and indoor cats. Due to the high meat content and the moderate fat content, it corresponds to natural prey. With the full cat food in different flavors such as beef, fish or chicken, your cat is guaranteed not to get bored.

Our cat food from Deuka Cat is a particularly balanced and tasty complete food that provides your cat with everything it needs to feel good and stay in top shape. Fully-fledged due to the vitamins, trace elements (like zinc) and minerals it contains, this cat food offers the optimal balance for your cat.

For cats with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract or cereal intolerance, our Deuka Cat Lifestyle is grain-free. The grain-free recipe provides sensitive cats with high-quality ingredients and is easy to digest.

Our Marengo wet cat food is particularly tasty for cats. The balanced wet food for cats guarantees you real naturalness and is suitable as a complete feed. High-quality ingredients in a balanced recipe form the optimal nutritional basis for your cat.

For young kittens, make sure that the cat food is suitable for the age of your kitten. Food for young cats has more protein, energy and taurine to effectively support the young cat in the growth phase.

For senior cats, cat food should also contain more taurine, but older cats do not need cat food with an increased protein content.

Food with lots of fiber, on the other hand, helps overweight cats with satiety and weight loss.

What you need to consider when buying cat food:

The ideal cat food for your velvet paw should be tailored to your cat's special needs. You should choose your cat food based on the following factors:

  • Age of the cat: Kitten, junior, adult or senior
  • Measurements: Size, weight and activity of the cat (indoor cat or free cats)
  • Food consistency: Dry food, wet food or raw food (BARF)
  • Possible previous diseases: Cereal intolerance, allergies, etc.
  • Quality and price of cat food: Good quality should not be spared

Meat (like beef, chicken, turkey or lamb) is an important component in cat food, because cats are carnivores - this means that their teeth, stomach and digestive tract are designed to break down proteins and gain energy from them. Although your cat can also generate valuable natural products and energy from cereals and fruits, you should in principle give your velvet paw to eat cat food with a high meat content.

Amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids are also important components in cat food. Especially pregnant or nursing cats, kittens and senior cats need an increased amount of these nutrients. In our high-quality cat food, these nutrients are well dosed and contain the best quality.

Types of cat food - Cat food for every taste

Dry cat food

Dry cat food is considered the ideal complete food and usually consists of species-friendly, palate-friendly food. Dry cat food has a low moisture content of approx. 5% to 10% and should contain a lot of healthy raw protein. When feeding with dry food, always provide your cat with enough water.

Advantages of dry cat food:

  • Dry cat food can be stored for a long time due to the low moisture content
  • Dental plaque is removed due to the dry composition
  • No odor nuisance compared to wet food for cats
  • Dry cat food strengthens the jaw muscles of the animal through extensive chewing

Wet cat food

Wet food for cats has a higher meat content than dry food and a moisture content of approx. 70% - 80%. Our tasty wet food for cats guarantees you real naturalness and is available in practical sizes as 6x 200 g or 6x 400 g. The complete food for cats provides your cat with a particularly high meat content of 63% and thus forms the optimal nutritional basis for your cat. You can also mix wet food for cats with dry food.


BARF (raw feeding) is another method of feeding cats. In the case of raw feeding, the cat is only fed raw feed such as meat or vegetables.

Feeding recommendation for cats - This is how much cat food your cat needs

The amount of food your cat's daily requirements are covered with cannot be said in general. Various factors such as your cat's age, state of health and activity influence your cat's metabolism and thus the daily requirements. Recipients are usually more active and have a higher need for nutrients than indoor cats. Basically, each pack contains information on the recommended amount of feed.

When it comes to dry food for cats, the quality of the individual components is particularly important for the feeling of satiety: A high meat content and valuable fats and amino acids are the basis for a well-filling cat food. The general rule for wet food for cats is: the higher the quality of the cat food, the more filling it is for your cat and the less food it needs.

In the wild, cats eat several small meals a day, and you should keep this cycle at home.

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