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With camera surveillance in the stable, trailer or yard, you can take a look at your livestock and grazing animals from anywhere at any time of the day or night and see that everything is going well.

Protect your horses, cows, pigs and other stable residents with professional barn kamera and always keep an eye on your animals! The video technology and user-friendliness of our surveillance cameras, which are tailored to the needs of farmers and animal owners, give you the security of being able to keep an eye on your stable and grazing animals safely and professionally around the clock. So you can relax and watch from the sofa during the evening, what your animals are doing and whether they show behavioral problems.

A stable camera is particularly beneficial and helpful for the health of your animals. The camera surveillance of pregnant cows or sick horses as horse monitoring is possible with a stable camera at any time of the day. So you don't have to stay in the barn around the clock.

At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of different barn camera systems at an affordable price. Whether it's a camera for the stable, trailer camera or pet camera - With our practical tips on buying the right camera surveillance you will find the perfect model in no time at all.

Read on below 12 things you need to consider when buying a camera surveillance for the barn & trailer and choose the optimal barn camera model for your purposes.

When is camera surveillance right for me?

Animal observation: With a stable surveillance, you can quickly identify abnormal behavior in the stable and treat them in a targeted manner. Also ideal if you want to watch sick animals or if you want to know that your mother animals are well looked after before, during or after the birth.

Stress-free transport: When transporting your livestock and grazing animals, the transport from A to B is often a stressful burden for people and animals. With a trailer camera with monitor, you have everything in view from the driver's cab and can intervene in a targeted manner in the event of unrest or stress symptoms.

Less damage: Animals like to do all sorts of mischief in the absence of their owner. Pets in particular, such as dogs or cats, tend to dismantle the furnishings when they are bored. Particularly practical if you can catch your animal roommates in the act with camera surveillance with the ability to speak and can remotely correct and educate them via the integrated loudspeaker.

These 12 things to keep in mind when purchasing stable & trailer camera surveillance

You should ideally plan the camera surveillance in your barn & yard when you are converting or restructuring your barn. Before you decide on a specific camera surveillance, there are a few factors that you should clarify, because an incorrectly selected camera surveillance that does not meet the requirements leads to additional subsequent conversion costs and does not represent a deliberate reduction in workload.

1. Power Connection:

If you don't have a 230 volt power supply nearby, a stable camera with a battery is ideal. If the barn camera is used as a trailer camera, it is possible to charge selected barn camera models via the cigarette lighter in the driver's cab.

2. Transmission:

Many of our surveillance cameras can be transmitted to computers, monitors, tablets or cell phones via WLAN or LAN. Make sure that there is a long range between the stable and the apartment. There are surveillance cameras with an integrated AVLink for an even greater range.

Trailer cameras for the transport of animals are generally equipped with a radio link to the driver's area.

If you do not have an internet connection, a surveillance camera, which is controlled directly via the smartphone using a WLAN hotspot, is ideal.

3. Remote Control:

A monitor with a suction cup that can be attached to the front window of the transport vehicle is best suited for trailer cameras. In practice, if installed appropriately, selected animal cameras can also be used as reversing cameras (mirror view / up-down view / distance display).

For all other areas of application there are animal surveillance cameras that can be controlled with a portable monitor, cell phone, tablet, PC or even with the television.

4. Recording:

With an animal camera with an integrated micro SD card, you can save the recordings as video or image format. With other stable camera models, when motion is detected, the images are automatically uploaded to an FTP server or saved on the computer or mobile phone.

5. Access:

For an even better monitoring option, it is particularly practical if several users can access the stable surveillance. That is why we at Agrarzone have stable cameras for one device or for access by several users in our range.

6. Environmental influences:

If the surveillance camera is used outdoors, the surveillance camera should not be affected by extreme weather fluctuations such as rain, wind or snow. You should therefore use an IP65-tested stable camera made of a robust, weatherproof aluminum housing.

7. Assembly:

Common barn camera systems are attached to slopes, walls and corners with drilling or screws. If you don't want to drill any holes, then animal surveillance with a strong magnetic holder is the optimal choice. In this way, the house camera can be flexibly attached to any magnetic surface without drilling or screwing.

8. Visibility:

If you want to illuminate entire rooms or keep large open spaces in view, you need a wide-angle barn camera with a particularly high resolution, which offers a large field of view of 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically.

For trailer surveillance, on the other hand, a trailer camera with a not so great visibility of up to 100 m is sufficient.

9. Night Vision:

At night, a surveillance camera with a high-quality image sensor ensures the best recordings and excellent image quality. A stable camera with night vision function uses infrared LEDs to record everything from a distance of up to 30 m even in the dark. Ideal if you want to keep an eye on everything even at night or if you want to protect yourself from burglars.

10. Speaking possibility:

See, hear and talk to your pet with a LIVE security camera with a 2-way audio system. Very useful if your pet does mischief while you are away and you want to stop the wrongdoing remotely.

11. Compatibility:

Some of our camera surveillance systems can be expanded with up to 4 additional barn cameras. So you can keep an eye on several animals at the same time.

12. Features & Extras:

No matter whether motion detection with automatic start of recording, alarm by e-mail, image upload to FTP server, adjustable speed or snapshots: Many of our animal surveillance systems have a few extras and additional functions that make controlling the camera surveillance particularly practical and convenient leaves.

Barn camera for the barn & yard

With a practical camera surveillance you can keep an eye on your stable, yard or house around the clock. Our stable cameras can normally be operated with 230 volts. If there is no power connection nearby, animal camera models such as the SmartCam HD camera horse monitoring with Li-Ion batteries ensure up to 8 hours of video enjoyment. In practice, the camera can also be controlled via the smartphone with a WiFi hotspot without an internet connection.

Most of our surveillance cameras can, however, be transmitted to cell phones, monitors, tablets or computers via WLAN or LAN. The Kerbl stable camera has an integrated AVLink, which enables an even greater range.

If several users should be able to access the surveillance camera, the Kerbl IPCam is particularly suitable. Thanks to the possibility of access by one or more users, you have an even better view of the relevant environments. Ideal for large open spaces, this stable camera also offers a particularly high resolution, which enables a viewing range of 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically.

For good recordings at night and to protect against intruders, a surveillance camera like the Kerbl SmartCam HD with a high-quality image sensor ensures the best recordings and excellent image quality.

Trailer camera & trailer monitoring for transport

With a trailer camera you have everything in view from the driver's cab and can intervene in a targeted manner in the event of unrest or stress symptoms. A trailer camera for the car with a monitor on the windshield ensures stress-free transport of your pasture and farm animals.

In practice, special animal surveillance cameras can be charged via the cigarette lighter in the driver's cab and, if installed appropriately, can also be used as a reversing camera (mirror view / up-down view / distance display).

Pet camera & surveillance camera for pets

Some pets, especially dogs or cats, have a tendency to dismantle the interior or cause a stir in the absence of their owner.

With the Pet Vision Live HD surveillance camera you can watch your pet live via mobile phone, tablet or computer while you are away. So you can see at any time whether your animal is doing well and monitor it. You can hear and talk to your pet through a 2-way audio system (bidirectional).

A pet camera is particularly useful if you want to catch your animal roommate in the act and reprimand them. Also suitable for identifying annoying behavior of your animal, which you can then explain with your specialist.

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