Buy calf coat and cow blanket

  • supports the immune system, especially in the first few days
  • prevents diarrhoea and other health problems
  • protection from sudden changes in the weather
  • avoidance of cold stress in new-born calves

A calf coat ensures that newborn calves dry faster and that the fur can develop its insulating effect. Especially weak, sick calves benefit from a calf rug.

A cow blanket warms full-grown cows and large cattle. Especially when cows are sick or downer, the cow blanket helps to keep the animal warm. Livestock blankets are also used for protection at exhibitions. Our cow blankets and calf blankets are all breathable and prevent excessive sweating of the cow. Furthermore our cow and calf blankets are machine washable at 30 °C.

What positive effects do calf coats have?

  • calf coats ensure that the calf dries faster after birth
  • avoidance of cold stress in new-born calves
  • calf does not lose too much body heat
  • protection from sudden changes in the weather
  • most of our calf blankets are waterproof
  • all our blankets are breathable
  • machine washable at 30 °C
  • weak calves benefit from the fact that they do not have to maintain their body temperature completely alone
  • calves gain weight better as less energy is needed to maintain body temperature
  • temperatures below +10°C increase the risk of disease in newborn calves

In which situations are calf blankets suitable?

  • immediately after birth to reduce a cold shock
  • if the mother doesn't lick the calf dry, for whatever reason
  • at temperatures below 15 °C to keep body temperature constant
  • in the case of a single rearing, as for example in a calf igloo or calf hutch

In which situations are calf blankets unsuitable?

  • there is no need for a calf blanket for healthy, strong calves
  • calf blankets are not suitable for group housing for safety reasons
  • if the calves are already bigger and the calf blankets no longer fit

When is a calf blanket used?

  • in winter calving, the calf dries faster and warms up faster
  • with sick calves, with a calf blanket, they waste less energy to maintain body temperature and recover quickly
  • weak calves benefit from the additional heat
  • to avoid cold stress in newborn calves

How do I find the right size?

  • Calf blankets are measured according to back length. The two most common lengths are 70 cm and 80 cm
  • blankets with a back length of 70 cm are especially suitable for newborns and small calves, e. g. Jersey calves.
  • blankets with 80 cm back length are suitable for older calves and large breeds.

Back length for calf coat and cow blanket

How long is a calf blanket used?

  • immediately after birth when calf is very wet (not dry licked) until calf is dry
  • ín case of illness, the blanket is used until the calf is back on the road to recovery

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