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Strong, safe, solid: With a winch, cable winch & hoist you have more power when pulling and moving large loads and objects. For agriculture & forestry, workshops, under construction - Even in the boat area, winches & rope hoists are practical everyday helpers when it comes to safely moving loads with maximum performance.

  • For lifting, lowering, pulling & moving large loads and weights
  • For workshops, agriculture, forestry, construction, off-road and boat areas
  • As a hand winch or electric cable winch with remote control
  • Precise processing and precise smooth-running mechanics
  • Strong, reliable & durable material
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Electric cable winch, manual cable winch & hoist - Premium cable winches at the Agrarzone Onlineshop

Are you looking for a suitable winch or hoist? At Agrarzone, we operate electric winches, rope hoists and manual winches for all requirements and vehicles. So you can buy suitable winches for tractors, cars, trailers, off-road and forestry in our Agrarzone Onlineshop.

You can pull and move heavy objects and loads with a cable winch and the appropriate steel or plastic rope. The rope is rolled up on a drum (winch).

A few years ago the winch had to be moved with great effort. Nowadays there are manual cable winches that are adapted to the requirements for a powerful and safe moving of goods.

Electric rope winches are popular and functional in commercial use such as in workshops or in construction. The 230V cable winches are driven by a powerful electric motor, which enables loads to be moved conveniently and precisely.

Electric cable winch 230 V for tractor, car, trailer & forest

Powerful, safe with an excellent price-performance ratio: These are the electric cable winches that you can buy in the Agrarzone Onlineshop at an affordable price. Discover your 230V winch for every application and challenge here.

With an electric cable winch with remote control, the transportation of heavy goods and building materials is no longer a major effort. The electronic cable winch is suitable for convenient electrical lifting and lowering of loads and is therefore a popular everyday helper in agriculture & forestry as well as in workshops. The 230V electric cable winch is available in different versions as capstan winch, lifting winch, traversing winch or pulling winch.

Electric winch with remote control for every application

The best way to control your 230V electric cable winch is with a remote control or radio remote control. A remote control is not only convenient, but above all significantly increases occupational safety in construction, agriculture, forestry or in the Workshop.

Our 230V electric winches are characterized by their handy design and high performance. The strong winches with 230 volts reach lifting heights of six to twelve meters and can lift between 250 kg and 600 kg.

With a practical mounting bracket, the 230 cable winches can be installed anywhere without any problems, like on the ceiling or on the scaffolding. With a useful swivel arm, you can conveniently attach your winch even to round tubes.

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Manual cable winch & manual hoist: Autonomous transfer of heavy loads with a manual cable winch

The manual cable winches and manual rope hoits at Agrarzone fulfill what is expected from a manual cable winch: More power when moving and pulling heavy weights and goods. With a manual cable winch or a manual cable hoist, you can move heavy objects and loads anywhere, without electricity or fuel.

But these are not the only advantages of a manual cable winch: Manual cable winches are useful, handy helpers for a wide range of applications, such as in agriculture, forestry or construction. Also in the off-road area, such as 4x4 drivers, quads or off-road vehicles, even in the boat area, hand-operated winches are popular tools on yachts, sailing boats and motor boats.

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Buy hand winch: Precise manual winch for many uses

Handy and light: Hand winches from Agrarzone combine perfect function and design with compact dimensions and minimal weight. The gear construction of our hand winches is galvanized and black anodized. As a result, the gear train of our hand winches works particularly precisely and guarantees smooth operation working the rope drum without problems.

Our hand winches are available with different rope lengths from 10 m to 20 m. The included safety crank with rotatable molded handle is removable, so that your hand cable winch can be stowed away to save space.

Would you like to purchase a hand winch, hand cable winch, lifting winch, rope crank & crank winch, but still have some questions? You are welcome to write us via our contact form or contact us by email, phone, chat or Whatsapp.

What is the difference between a cable winch and a hoist?

Nowadays, the terms cable winch and hoist merge into one another and all designate a tool with which heavy goods can be moved and pulled. If one differentiates the two terms, the difference between a cable winch and a hoist can actually be determined from the names: With a cable winch, a drum (winch) is used for power transmission, with a hoist the pure pulling force, weakened by a deflection roller.

A winch is a tool that is used to pull a rope in or out. The resulting tension pulls an object. A cable winch is therefore ideal for pulling and moving heavy loads such as cars, trees, tractors, trailers or boats.

If you have to lift or lower a load, a suitable cable pull is ideal. With a cable hoist, heavier objects such as move an engine block in no time and move it to the desired location. Cable hoists are usually made with wire rope or chain and can be operated by hand or with a motor.

The manual wire rope hoists are all equipped with a lever or a hand crank. Electric chain hoists, on the other hand, are ideal for mechanics and garages, since they can be connected to any normal socket. Useful compressed air chain hoists are ideal for transporting heavy objects in dirty, dusty or flammable places.

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