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A practical bucket will help you a lot in your daily work in the stable, garden, agriculture or construction. Whether for clean the barn, transporting animal feed & garden waste or feeding your animals - A bucket & feed bowl are part of the equipment of every agricultural household.

Stable bucket with handle or as a feed bowl with lid, made of plastic or metal, in different colors, shapes and sizes - With the large number of buckets and feed bowls in specialist shops, it is difficult to keep an overview. Which bucket makes my daily work easier? Which feed bowl is suitable for feeding? At Agrarzone you will find a large assortment of practical construction buckets & stable buckets as well as feed bowls for many farm animals.

Ergonomic, robust with sturdy handles, our buckets are suitable for everyday use. Thanks to the highest quality materials, our stable buckets and feed bowls have a particularly long shelf life and are a loyal companion during everyday life.

Our buckets & food bowls are right for you ...

  • ... if you are looking for a bucket for daily work in the stable, agriculture, household or construction.
  • ... if you have to bring animal feed into the barn or pasture every day.
  • ... if you want to securely seal your animal feed for a long shelf life.
  • ... if you are looking for a robust stable & construction bucket that will serve you well for many years.

For cleaning the barn or for transporting animal feed or waste - Our barn buckets are particularly suitable for regular barn work, in construction or in the household. Consisting of easy-to-clean materials and equipped with sturdy handles, our buckets are the ideal all-rounder for everyday use.

Our feeding bowls ensure optimal feeding of animals. Thanks to ergonomic rounded shapes and unbreakable plastic, the risk of injury when eating is reduced.

Many of our food bowls can also be equipped with a food lid. If your animals cannot manage the entire ration, the feed bowls can be securely closed with a feed lid. The practical feed lids ensure that vermin have no possibility of contaminating the feed and separating dangerous bacteria.

Find the right stable bucket & feed bowl with 6 questions

Question 1: Do you need a bucket for daily work in the stable, garden, agriculture or construction?

If you need a bucket for regular work, you should use a particularly robust stable bucket & construction bucket. Easy to clean, easy to stack and sturdy handles - Our stable buckets are ideal for daily stable work. No matter whether for mucking out, for animal feeding, gardening or for the disposal of building rubble, thanks to durable materials and a very stable design, you will have a long time with our stable buckets.

Many of our stable buckets have a measuring scale, can be closed with a lid or can be practically attached to a wall or panel using a wall bracket. Made of solid plastic or extra soft plastic, you can decide which shape you like better. With our stable buckets you can work in the stable in no time!

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Question 2: Do you want to screw your stable bucket & construction bucket onto the wall or hang it outside?

You can also use many of our 12 liter stable buckets as feed troughs or water troughs. With a practical wall bracket, you can attach the stable bucket to the wall in the animal stable. Our construction buckets are also practically used outdoors on pasture panels. Thanks to the hanging option, the animal feed remains free of dirt and the animals cannot knock over the water bucket.

Buy wall bracket for buckets at Agrarzone:

Question 3: Do you have to regularly transport grass clippings, hay, straw, leaves, etc.?

Then you need a stable carrying bag with large volume, with which you can comfortably transport the bulky green waste. Our practical carrier bags for the stable are available in 120 liter and 270 liter capacities and are suitable like for hay, straw, leaves or grass clippings. As a versatile carrier bag for stable, yard and garden and ideal for expanding the filling volume of wheelbarrows. The carrier bags for the stable are very robust, tearproof and can be folded and stowed away after use to save space.

Buy a bag for the barn at Agrarzone:

Question 4: You have no water connection in the stable, yard, building or garden?

The H2gObag water container for storing and transporting water is simple, practical and flexible to use. The H2gObag is a large water bag that can be placed in a wheelbarrow to transport up to 80 liters of water. The water tank is ideal wherever a water hose is not sufficient, like in the stable, garden, agriculture, construction & more. Simply put the mat in the wheelbarrow, fill it with water, transport it to the desired location and pour it out or fill a bucket.

Question 5: Do you need a feed bowl for the daily care of your animals?

Feeding bowls for the barn are available in different designs, shapes, sizes and made of different materials. In order to select the right feed bowl for the barn, you should be well informed about the feeding habits of your animals. This then results in the size, shape and attachment options of the feed bucket.

Our feed bowls are optimally tailored to the feeding of animals. Made of impact-resistant and temperature-independent plastic, the food bowls are very durable and robust. Thanks to ergonomic rounded shapes, the risk of injury when eating is reduced.

For horses and ponies we have a foldable and therefore easy-to-store feed bucket made of stable nylon in our range. The mesh grille at the nostrils ensures optimal air circulation of the feed. Thanks to the adjustable neck strap, the flexible feed bag can be put on the horse directly. Our BUSSE feed bag for horses and ponies is ideal for on the go and for portioning feed for pasture horses.

Question 6: Do you need a storage option for your animal feed?

In order to be able to store the feed for longer, a suitable feed lid can be purchased from many of our feed bowls. Thanks to the practical feed lid, there is no contamination of the animal feed by vermin and insects, which in turn could pass on diseases to your animals.

These accessories make your stable work easier:

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