Buy Bird House & Bird Food House for Wild Bird Feeding Online

The Birdhouse - The classic with wild bird lovers and nature lovers. With the decline of natural habitats and the changing climate, the food supply for wild birds has also changed dramatically. With a birdhouse for wild birds, you can provide the birds with additional feed and support many species of birds. Birdhouses are colorful or single-colored, made of wood, plastic or stainless steel and available for hanging or as an aviary with stand. In our online shop you can compare the bird houses and buy the right bird house.

Birdhouse with stand or for hanging

Present your garden birds the tasty wild bird food in one of our modern birdhouses. Whether a bird food house with stand, birdhouse for hanging or an extra large XXL birdhouse for many wild birds. Browse through our aviary category and find your new feeding station for your feathered friends.

Wooden birdhouse for garden, terrace & balcony

Our high-quality birdhouses made of natural wood are suitable for every purpose and location. The right location for your birdhouse should be precisely chosen so that your aviary is well visited. The wild bird house should be placed in a quiet, dry and safe place. A protective bush or trees is an ideal place for a birdhouse. Between the protective shrubs and branches, the birds are protected from birds of prey and cats. Cats are keen on the small birds, so you should make sure that the birdhouse is not within the jumping distance of the cat. Between glass panes and bird house should be at least a distance of 2 meters, as they fly against it and can seriously injure. Nesting boxes where young birds are reared in spring and summer should not be used where you often spend time: human closeness and noise quickly exerts stress on birds.

A bird house not only protects the birds, but also the birdseed from moisture and heat and, depending on the model, can easily be filled with suitable wild bird feed with a removable or hinged lid. By perches mounted on the bird house, the garden birds take the bird food in a natural attitude and find a comfortable resting place. Present the birdseed to your feathered friends correctly: titmice and greenfinch like to fly to a bird house, red chalices, mountain finches and blackbirds are looking for food on the ground. That's why birdhouses in different sizes, designs and designs are available. If the aviary is mounted in a cat-proof height or the birdcage is cuffed, the right food is selected and the birdhouse is filled, cats and other wildlife can not get into the aviary and your birds can sweeten the day with their song.

Litter for feeding place that arrives really well

Once the bird house has been set up, it wants to be filled with wild bird food to attract as many feathered friends as possible. Stray butter is our passion and therefore you will find everything the bird's heart desires. Winter fodder, Sommerstreufuttter or all-season blends, we have just as for you in the program as Meisenknödel and high-energy fat. In wild bird feeding different needs of the animals must be considered. Grain eaters such as finches, sparrows and buntings need special grain feed with sunflower seeds. Fat feed and dumplings are often eaten by herbivores such as Robins, tits, blackbirds or wrens eaten. Here you will find a large selection of bird food for spreading, or hanging.

No matter if you prefer a birdhouse made of wood or a design metal food dispenser, there is something for every taste in our birdhouse assortment. Feel free to assist your feathered friends by provide a nesting box as a breeding aid or shelter. In our online shop, we carry a variety of nesting aids, you will certainly find it. Order the right bird house or a feed dispenser and the corresponding wild bird feed at Agrarzone. Let it be delivered to your home.