BEKINA Boots - rubber boots & working boots for the daily work

Bekina boots are quality boots that combine maximum comfort and special design. The Bekina rubber boot is the optimal working boot for every day and always strives for the ultimate in comfort and practical innovations to optimize your safety. All Bekina Boots are extensively tested by professionals in the field prior to market launch. In addition, high-quality top materials are combined so that the steel cap boots are dirt-repellent and resistant to petrol, oils, linings, alkalis and acids.

Specifically forfor the Bekina Boots designed are the Bekina Inner Soles 2-Layer and Bekina Inner Soles 3-layer. These insoles provide better ventilation, additional thermal insulation and more comfort in the boot.

You will also find other protective clothing for agriculture such as work gloves, disposable gloves and hearing protection.