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Animal identification is an indispensable working tool for larger animal populations in the stable or on the pasture. Thanks to various animal tags such as ear tags, cattle marking pens or fetlock straps, you can find your individual animals better and faster.

In order to be able to meet the applicable EU regulations and to ensure the traceability of your grazing and stable animals, you will find a complete range of numbered ear tags and ear tag pliers for standard-compliant fastening at the ear of your animal at Agrarzone.

For the color differentiation of your animals, you can choose from different colored fetlock straps and neck marking straps with leg band numbers and collar numbers. You can also find cattle marking pens and marking spray for temporary marking at Agrarzone.

Why do animals have to be marked?

Observe legal requirements: Cattle, pigs, sheep and goats must be properly identified and reported to the responsible office in due time. Appropriate animal identification prevents business closures and cuts in subsidies.

Animal identification: With animal identification with numbers or colors you can visually distinguish your stable animals more quickly. Also very helpful in daily work such as during the milking process or for the identification of your own animals in the pasture.

Easier work: Labeling the cows with easily legible numbers is already standard in many farms. Particularly when there are changes in the number of animals, animal tagging makes your work a lot easier.

Traceability: If you keep cows, cattle, pigs, sheep or goats, you must mark the animals in accordance with the statutory provisions so that you can distinguish the animals. Animal identification enables the origin to be traced and serves as an instrument to combat epidemics.

Which animals are marked?

  • Cattle
  • Cows
  • Calves
  • Pigs
  • piglet
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Chicken
  • Geese
  • Pheasants
  • Turkeys & more

What types of animal identification are there?

Stable and grazing animals such as cattle, cows, pigs, sheep and goats can generally be differentiated either by means of a previously defined numbering or by means of color identification.

These products are common in animal tagging:

Cattle identification: Cattle identification for cattle and cows

Popular cattle identification:

Identification of cows and cattle is already standard in many dairy farms and beef fattening farms and required by law. With a neck marking strap for cattle, farmers can visually identify their animals more quickly, on the one hand, and a well-fitting neck marking tape saves the cattle and cows an enormous stress potential, which in turn has an excellent effect on milk yield and meat quality.

According to legal regulations, cows and cattle must be marked with official ear tags. The animals must be marked with ear tags on both ears within seven days of birth. An exception rule applies to the marking of calves which are kept in free range, where the animals must be marked within 20 days. The ear tags remain at the ear from birth to death of the cattle. If an ear tag is lost, it must be reordered immediately. Ideally, the ear tags of the cattle and cows are continuously checked.

If the cattle and cows are kept in accordance with the AMA quality seal, every birth of a calf, every sale, purchase and slaughter must be reported to the AMA's central cattle database within 7 days and included in the inventory.

Pig identification: Identification of pigs with ear tags

Popular pig identification:

If pigs are born in Germany, they must be marked with an ear tag per pig as soon as possible (at the latest before they leave the birth facility).

Pigs for private keeping must also be marked with an official ear tag prior to transport. An exception rule applies to birth stalls from which the pigs are transported directly to the slaughterhouse. In this case, the pig must be identified with an official tattoo stamp within 30 days before slaughter.

Sheep and goat identification in sheep and goat husbandry

Popular sheep & goat identification:

Sheep and goats must be marked with an animal identification within the first 6 months after the birth of the animals, in any case before they leave the birthing establishment. The animals are usually marked with two ear tags or with an ear tag and an ankle strap or an ankle strap with numbering. If an animal identification is lost, it must be reordered within 4 weeks and attached to the animal.

Ideally, the animals' ear tags are checked at regular intervals. Goat and sheep farmers must report their animal husbandry, sale, purchase of animals, slaughtering and sale to the end consumer for immediate slaughter to the veterinary information system (VIS) within 7 days.

Good to know: No births, deaths or house slaughtering have to be reported, as these are recorded in the farm's inventory register and collected via the application of the MFA for farms or the VIS annual survey.

Mark chickens and poultry with colored spiral rings and chicken rings

Spiral rings are particularly popular in poultry farming. Poultry rings are made of plastic and are easy to put on the poultry legs. Many poultry breeds such as chickens, pheasants, turkeys, etc. can be easily and quickly identified with extra strong spiral rings.

For larger breeds (like pheasant, turkey) we recommend spiral rings with a diameter of 20 mm, whereas for smaller breeds of poultry such as chickens or bantams, chicken rings with a diameter of 12 mm are sufficient. The rings are available in four different colors. The packs are sorted by color and each pack (100 pieces) contains 25 rings of the colors red, green, blue and yellow.

Good to know: Wearing chicken rings is not required by law, but it is particularly practical in poultry farming.

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