Animal scales & feed scales

  • Animal scales for cattle, horses or pigs
  • Table scales for chickens, turkeys or other small animals
  • Very easy installation and no ongoing maintenance required
  • Measuring accuracies of up to 99.9%

What is an animal scale?

With an animal scale you can weigh a variety of livestock from cattle to pigs to chickens.

Good animal scales have a weighing accuracy of 99.9%. For example, if a cow weighs 1000 kg on the scale, the weight deviation is no more than 1 kg.

In addition to "normal" animal scales for cattle, horses or pigs, there are also table scales for small animals.

With these table scales you can weigh smaller animals up to 150 kg.

We also offer animal scales including a cage. The cage surrounds the weighing platform and the animals cannot get off the scales during weighing. The whole process is more efficient.

Especially if you regularly weigh several animals in a row, you will save a lot of time.

For which animals is an animal scale suitable?

  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Pigs
  • Chickens
  • Dogs
  • Cats or other small animals

What to look for when buying an animal scale

Scales must be able to withstand the weight of your animals: Animal scales always have a maximum weight. Depending on the model, this weight is 500, 1000 or 1500 kilograms.

If you have large cattle or horses, you must therefore make sure that the scale can really withstand the weight of your animals before buying it.

Integrated anti-slip device: Animals are often restless when being weighed and move back and forth. With an anti-slip device, you reduce the chance of your animals slipping and injuring themselves during weighing.

Data can be sent directly to printers: With a modern animal scale, you should be able to send all data directly to your computer or printer. This saves you the hassle of taking notes.

Tare function and switching between different units: If you use accessories for weighing, you can weigh these accessories beforehand and use the tare function to set the scale to 0.

You should also be able to switch quickly between different units of measurement, such as kilograms and pounds, if necessary.

These accessories are useful for pet scales

Stand for PS pet scales: You can attach the display of your pet scale to this stand so you don't have to bend down to read the weight.

Moisture meters - precise measuring instruments for agriculture

Our measuring instruments are quality products from renowned manufacturers and are ideally suited for use in agriculture. Whether you are looking for moisture meters for hay and grain or hanging scales - in this category you will find everything you need for your daily measuring and weighing work.

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