Buy healthy animal feed & pet food online at Agrarzone

For our animal feed, only high-quality raw materials are grown mainly in Austria and Germany and carefully processed into nutrient-rich quality feed. For farm animals like cows, pigs or cattle & for pets like dogs, cats, rabbits and much more we have at Agrarzone the right animal feed!

Energy-rich animal feed for competitive sports or for breeding, fattening feed for livestock, grain-free animal feed for allergies or intestinal disorders easily digestible animal feed - Thanks to a large selection of pet food in our Agrarzone feed shop, there is the right feed for every animal. In addition, we provide you with important information about animal feed and feeding recommendations for the respective animal species in each category.

Our animal feed comes mainly from Austria or Germany and, thanks to sustainable grain cultivation and a gentle production process, guarantees an optimal nutrient content, tailored to the species-specific needs of the animals. Our animal feed has proven itself in use in agriculture as well as in private animal husbandry for decades and is particularly popular with animals.

That's why you should buy pet food from Agrarzone:

  • Large selection of carefully selected pet food
  • The pet food mainly comes from Austria or Germany
  • Years of cooperation with premium manufacturers such as Leimüller, Göweil & Emmas
  • Strict quality controls and short transport routes strengthen regional agriculture
  • Sustainable cultivation and production processes
  • High quality premium organic animal feed for organic farms
  • Own customized feed mix from an order quantity of 500 kg
  • Save money with our animal feed savings subscription
  • Free shipping

An overview of our pet food

Animal feed for all areas of application:

Depending on the animal species and animal needs, the animal feed must meet different requirements. In the Agrarzone animal feed shop we have a large assortment of animal feed suitable for many animals and pets.

Organic animal feed for organic farms:

At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of organic feed for various animals such as cattles, pigs, chickens or popular pets. The feed components of our organic feed are carefully selected and matched to the respective animal species. So you can be sure that your animal receives only easily digestible organic feed and is optimally supplied with important nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and trace elements.

From 1 kg sacks to 800 kg pallets: this is how you get our animal feed

You can buy animal feed from Agrarzone in small (1 kg, 10 kg or 15 kg) or large (from 25 kg up to 800 kg) order quantities.

We can supply everyone from cattle breeders with dozens of cows to pet owners with rabbits, chickens or other small animals.

Own pet food - pet food to your taste

From an order quantity of 500 kg, we offer your pet a separate feed mix.

Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone and tell us the most important key data: animal species, animal population and feed requirements.

We will put the feed together for you and will be happy to deliver the large quantities to your door.

Your advantages at Agrarzone

Free returns: This applies to all package deliveries that are returned within 30 days. You can also return freight forwarding goods within 30 days. However, the cost of returning the goods by forwarding company have to be paid by the customer.

Save money with our savings subscription: You order animal feed at regular intervals? With our savings subscription you only enter times your order and we deliver it at the desired intervals. In addition you get up to 10% discount on each order and this is free of shipping costs from € 29.00.

We deliver directly to your front door or barn door: You have ordered 500 kg of animal feed from us? Of course, you do not have to collect this large order quantity from a warehouse. We are happy to deliver right to your stable door.

Organic animal feed for organic farms: Our organic feed is certified according to Bio-Austria and can be used by organic farms in Austria and Germany.