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Whether cattle, sheep, horse or pet like dog and cat - many animals have to be sheared due to their fur, for animal exhibitions or for the treatment of matting and skin diseases. The shearing is used for grooming and supports the well-being of the animals. With a regular shearing infestation of vermin is efficiently prevented and skin diseases avoided.

At Agrarzone you will find the right clipper (also animal hair clipper or animal clipper) for professional grooming, as well as important information on every page about shearing with horse clippers, cattle clippers, sheep clippers and dog clippers.

We would be happy to assist you with further information on a special animal clipper or questions about shearing cattle, shearing sheep, shearing cow, shearing dog, shearing horse etc. Simply contact us by phone, chat, the contact form or via WhatsApp! We look forward to your questions!

Clipper Overview:

With us you will find all clippers from the most important manufacturers such as Aesculap, Heiniger, Kerbl, Constanta, Oster, Wahl or Moser. These manufacturers have been characterized by quality, performance and innovation in the industry for years. Powerful shearers that have been optimized down to the last detail enable easy, quick and fatigue-free working even in difficult fur conditions. By ordering large quantities, you benefit from our favorable purchasing conditions, which we would be happy to pass on to you as a price advantage.

You have to consider this when buying a clipper

With the right clipper you save yourself and your four-legged friend unnecessary stress and ensure a safe and professional care course. Due to the different fur properties, each animal species places different demands on the Clipper.

1. Animal type & coat quality:

Not every clipper can be used for every animal. For sheep there are special sheep shearing machines with high performance and wide shear blades. Good clippers for horses are particularly quiet and have a clipper specially tailored to the horse's fur. Cattle clippers are particularly robust and designed for long-term use. Dog clippers & Cat clippers are more compact and lighter by comparison.

2. Size of the animal:

If you shear large animals or several animals in a row, you should use a powerful and larger clipper with high performance. If you shear delicate animals such as small dogs, cats or rodents, then a small, handy animal shearing machine is the best for you.

3. Full or detailed shearing:

If you shear the entire animal, you should choose a medium to strong animal clipper. If you use the animal hair trimmer mainly for fine detail work such as trimming paws, ears, face and genital area, a small, light clipper or a special animal hair trimmer is completely sufficient.

4. Noise sensitivity:

We have quiet and low-vibration animal cutting machines in our range for noise-sensitive animals.

5. Battery or mains operation:

Depending on the conditions at the operating location of the animal hair trimmer, a wired animal hair trimmer or a cordless animal hair trimmer is the better variant. Don't you want to do without both advantages? At Agrarzone we have practical hybrid animal hair trimmers that can be operated with a battery as well as with a cable.

6. Handling:

As a rule, clippers with a plastic housing are lighter and less expensive than those with a metal housing. Non-slip housings and hand straps provide help when working. Most models with their slim and ergonomically shaped housing ensure fatigue-free working and comfortable one-hand operation.

7. Weight:

Pay attention to the weight of the animal clipper. The lighter the clipper, the less tired your arms will be. We recommend using a more compact animal clipping machine especially for small animals.

This accessory from the Agrarzone-Shop is useful for your clipper:

Shaving head attachment in different sizes: It makes sense to have a sufficient replacement of shaving knives at hand. Most animal clippers are supplied with a standard cutting set with a cutting length of approx. 1.0 mm - 1.5 mm. These shaving heads with a short cutting length are suitable for almost every type of fur and can be used wonderfully for detailed work on the face, on the paws or on the base of the tail.

Clip-on comb for clipping blade: A standard clipping blade with 1.0 mm - 1.5 mm is already included in many animal clippers. For large areas of the body, the standard cutting set is usually too short as a cutting length. A robust and stable slip-on comb (also slide-on comb) extends the cutting length of your cutting set in no time at all. Clip-on combs are only suitable for unproblematic thin fur and are a cost-effective compromise to a shaving head. Especially with very dense or very curly fur, it becomes more difficult to slide through the fur with an attachment comb with increasing cutting length. The fur collects in the metal teeth and you have to interrupt the shearing process regularly to clean the cutting set. Our tip: For working with a slip-on comb, we recommend a 1.0 mm - 1.5 mm cutting set with fine teeth. This is already included in many clippers.

Blade Set Case: A Blade Set Case ensures order and helps you to keep an overview of your different shaving head sizes. A practical cutting set cassette is suitable for many cutting sets from different manufacturers.

Clipper battery: When buying a clipper, it makes sense to order a replacement battery. With an additional clipper battery, you can clipp your animal efficiently and in a time-saving manner. Many batteries are now compatible with different clippers. When selecting the cordless clipper, pay attention to a high battery capacity and quick charging capacity.

Clipper oil: Clipper oil ensures optimal lubrication of all moving parts in the clipper head and thus promotes the life of the clipper. The shaving head should always be covered with a light film of oil during shearing. Oil the shaving head with a drop of clipper oil every 10 minutes during shaving. This way the shaving head does not heat up due to additional friction and you achieve a perfect clipper cut. Because a hot cutting set leads to faster wear of the cutting set and is also extremely uncomfortable for the animal.

Clean-Spray & Cool-Spray: With a Clean-Spray & Cool-Spray the shear knife stays clean, sharp and cool. The shaving machine head can reach up to 35 degrees above normal ambient temperature during operation. Regularly spraying the clipper head with a Clean-Spray & Cool-Spray helps you to cool and clean the clipper head and clipper knife during the care program.

Further clipper accessories: Whether practical wall brackets for clippers, fur dryers with a grooming brush or shaving stencil for horses - at Agrarzone you will find a large selection of professional and practical accessories for grooming your animal!

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