Angular Steel Post

  • Angular Steel Posts are ideal for fixed fences
  • double step made of steel enables powerful entry into dry and stony soils
  • break-proof at low temperatures and suitable for year-round use
  • due to one-sided sharpening you need less force when entering

What is an Angular Steel Post for a electric fence?

An angular steel post is a steel fence post that is equipped with a double step.

This double step is unbreakable and therefore a lot of force can be used when entering dry and stony ground.

In addition, such a post is sharpened on one side. This point makes anchoring in the ground easier and reduces the amount of force required when entering the ground.

Depending on the height of the pile, an angle steel pile has 4 or 5 different holes at different heights to which insulators can be attached.

In which situations is an angle steel post suitable for my electric fence?

Your ground is dry and stony: thanks to a stable double steel step, you can force an angle steel post into the ground. You do not have to worry about the post breaking off. In addition, an angle steel post is sharpened and can therefore be anchored in the ground more easily.

You are looking for electric fence posts for a fixed fence that can be left standing all year round: Angle steel posts cannot break even at low temperatures and can withstand high snow pressure.

Long durability is important to you: angle steel posts are made of particularly strong steel and are break-proof. Once anchored in the ground, you only have to invest a little time in maintenance and do not have to constantly replace your posts.

This accessory is suitable for an angle steel post

Split pin insulator for angular steel post: These split pin insulators are particularly robust and suitable for year-round use.

Electric fence connectors: In order to "connect" the conductor material of your fence, you need suitable connectors.

Grounding: For safety reasons, every fence must be earthed. You can find the appropriate equipment (earthing rods, earthing cable, etc.) here.

Conductor material: In order for current to flow through your electric fence, conductor material (ropes, tapes, wires or strands) must be stretched between your electric fence posts.

230V mains energiser: If you have a power outlet within reach of your electric fence, a 230V electric fence energiser is the best choice for you. This fence device has a power supply unit and can simply be plugged into the socket.

Electric fence 12V: Without an available socket connection, a battery-powered electric fence energiser with 12V is the right choice for you. With these devices all types of pasture fences can be electrified.

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