AESCULAP - clippers for professionals and veterinarians

Since 1912 the brand AESCULAP stands for high quality from Germany. As a premium brand in the field of clippers and grooming, the clippers can be found in about 80% of the professional dog grooming salons in Germany and in more than 90% of all veterinary practices. Clippers, shaving heads and accessories, for different areas, can be found here!

Aesculap clippers for veterinarians

Cordless shearing machines and trimmers for special small-scale areas in the veterinary surgeon such as back, neck, paws and face

  • Aesculap ISIS - Trimmer for detailed chisel, battery life max. 40 minutes
  • Aesculap FORTIS - hybrid machine with shaving head, battery life max. 60 min
  • Aesculap LIBRA - hybrid machine - mains and battery operation possible, battery life max. 60 min
  • Aesculap VEGA - Trimmer for detail chisel, running time max. 100 minutes
  • Aesculap FAVORITA II - powerful and smooth, for daily continuous use

Shaving heads for Favorita and Libra: original shaving heads from Aesculap

Aesculap clippers for domestic and farm animals

Due to the diverse product range of shearing machines over shaving heads and accessories, there is the right equipment for everyone!

Large animal clippers for horses, cattle and sheep:

  • Aesculap Econom Equipe: Full line, low noise, stable shearing performance
  • Aesculap CL Equipe: full line, low noise, running time approx. 80 min
  • Aesculap Econom CL Fitter: ideal for cow-fitter, running time max. 70 minutes
  • Aesculap Econom II: mains operation, especially for sheep

For breeders and dog hairdressers:

  • Aesculap Fav5 CL: battery or mains operation, running time max. 60 minutes
  • Aesculap Fav5 hybrid: battery or mains operation, SnapOn system, continuous operation suitable
  • Aesculap Fav5: SnapOn system, powerful and smooth for daily continuous use

For finishing and detailed work:

  • Aesculap Accurata: Trimmer for detail chord, running time max. 100 minutes
  • Aesculap Exacta: Trimmer for detail chisel, running time max. 40 minutes

Original Aesculap shaving heads:

  • Aesculap shaving head SnapOn: recognized quality for professional use
  • Aesculap clip-on combs SnapOn: 5 attachment combs (13 mm - 25 mm)