Buy Aesculap Clipper Blade for Animal Clipper at Agrarzone

The premium brand Aesculap develops high-quality shearing machines and clipper blades for shearing cattle, cows, horses, goats, sheep, pets & more! Thanks to the very long cutting sharpness due to the best high-quality carbon steel and the excellent workmanship by Aesculap CNC manufacturing centers, Aesculap is your reliable partner in the area of fur care.

At Agrarzone you will find professional and high-quality clipper blades without exception, made from cleanly ground stainless steel with the best cutting substance.

Aesculap Clipper Blades Overview:

  • For shearing cattle, cows, horses, sheep, pets etc.
  • Very long cutting sharpness due to the best high quality carbon steel
  • Excellent processing by Aesculap CNC machining centers
  • Recognized premium brand for professional use
  • Adjustable plate pressure for consistent cutting ability
  • High corrosion protection thanks to high-end surface finishing
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • No risk thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee

Aesculap develops cutting sets of the highest premium quality

Aesculap is a recognized premium brand in the field of shearing machines and clipper blades. The shaving machine heads and cutting attachments are manufactured on the most modern, computer-aided machines and impress with their robust quality. In 2017 Albert Kerbl GmbH took over the distribution of Aesculap clippers. Together they work on the development of new products for all user groups, such as farmers, veterinarians, dog grooms, horse owners etc.

What Aesculap clipper blades are there?

There are various shaving head and shaving knife systems for Aesculap clippers:

With SnapOn shaving heads, the complete shaving head with knives is placed on the animal clipper.

In the case of clipping knives, sets of two knives are screwed to the top end of the animal clipper with the correct plate pressure.

With shaving head systems, the plate pressure can be adjusted automatically depending on the type of the pet skin.

How to choose the right Aesculap clipper blade

Most animal clippers come with a standard cutting set. These shaving heads with a short cutting length of approx. 1.0 mm - 1.5 mm are suitable for small areas of the body such as the face, paws or the base of the tail. For all other areas, this standard cutting length is usually too short as the cutting length. Stable attachment combs change the cutting length of your cutting set in no time!

Whether for cattle, horses, sheep, goats or pets - at Agrarzone you will find the right application for every shaving head and shaving knife in the description!

Clipper Blade differences:

Coarse shaving head: A coarse cutting set with a wide tooth pitch (distance between the individual teeth) is suitable for thick and coarse fur. The thicker and more impenetrable the fur, the rougher you should choose the cutting set (the fewer teeth the cutting set has).

Fine shaving head: A fine cutting set, on the other hand, is best used for fine, easily penetrable fur. With a cutting set with fine tooth pitch and a short cutting length, wonderful matting can also be loosened.

Discover fine clipper blades & coarse clipper blades here!

How long does my cutting set last?

How long the blade lasts depends on the quality of the stainless steel and the maintenance of the cutting set. On average, a clipper blade holds at least 10 fur shearings. With appropriate maintenance measures, a good clipper blade will of course last longer. Various shaving heads and cutting knives can also be sharpened yourself with good practice.

Tips for proper Aesculap clipper blade care

1. Washing & grooming before shearing:

Brush the animal's fur thoroughly with an animal brush or animal comb before shearing. If your animal is very dirty, it is advisable to wash the animal before the care program. Various dirt particles such as dirt, sand or dust quickly blunt the cutting set.

2. Oil the shaving head:

The shaving head should always be covered with a light film of oil during shearing. Oil the shaving head with a drop of clipper oil every 10 minutes during shaving. This way the shaving head does not heat up due to additional friction and you achieve a perfect clipper cut. Because a hot clipper blade leads to faster wear of the cutting set and is also extremely uncomfortable for the animal.

3. Maintain the clipper blade with Clean-Spray & Cool-Spray:

The shearing machine head can reach up to 35 degrees above normal ambient temperature during operation. Regularly spraying the clipper machine head with Clean-Spray and Cool-Spray will also help you to clean and cool the clipper blade during the care program.

4. Check plate pressure:

Before cutting, check the plate pressure with appropriate shear blades. To do this, only tighten the regulating screw a maximum of 1/4 turn so that the upper cutting plate can still be moved by hand with medium pressure.

5. After the shearing work:

After the shearing work, clean the clipper set with a brush or a paintbrush. Before you clear the clipper set, oil it with a few drops of clipper oil.

This animal clipper fits to your Aesculap clipper blade

Discover powerful Aesculap clippers for the professional shearing of sheep, cattle, cows, horses, goats and pets in our Agrarzone-Shop. Thanks to the excellent innovative workmanship and their slim and ergonomically shaped housing, these animal hair trimmers ensure fatigue-free working and comfortable one-hand operation.

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