Adjustable grazing gate - Overview:

-extendable and continuously adjustable in length.
-hot-dip galvanised and extremely weather-resistant
-supplied accessories for easy assembly
-ideal for stables, riding arena and pasture
-fast and free shipping within Germany and Austria

Galvanised & extendable pasture fence gate - flexibly adjustable from 1-6 metres

A sturdy pasture gate is indispensable when it comes to a secure pasture fence. An investment in a robust pasture gate is worthwhile in many respects. An adjustable grazing gate is suitable for herding different animals such as cattle, sheep, goats or horses. If the grazing gate is adjustable, it can be wonderfully adapted to the opening of the pasture. The grazing gates are available in heights of 90 to 110 cm and can be adjusted in length from 1 metre to 6 metres, depending on the model. If you are looking for a herd-proof option for your pasture fence with a variety of uses, you should buy an adjustable grazing gate for your pasture fence.

Advantages of adjustable grazing gates

If the grazing gate is extendable, this brings with it many advantages. If you own an electronic pasture fence, an adjustable pasture gate is important because it provides extra security. The adjustable pasture gate is designed as a telescopic gate and can be adjusted in length by up to one metre. With just one movement of the hand, the pasture gate can be up to one metre longer if required. A locking screw ensures that the grazing gate is held securely in place. Not only on the pasture, but also in the stable and if you want to use pasture panels, you can bring order into the pasture fence with an adjustable pasture gate.

Our steel grazing gates are infinitely adjustable and are installed in the pasture or stable in such a way that the gate can be opened inwards. In this way, in addition to additional herding security, uncomplicated and adjustable access to the pasture is possible at the same time. From a length of 3 metres, you can safely drive a tractor into the pasture or drive cattle and horses through effortlessly.

Another advantage of the extendable grazing gates is that you can additionally electrify the access area to the pasture fence with an electric fence set for grazing gates. Contact with or damage to the pasture gate by the animals is thus prevented. Despite the electrification by the practical electric set for grazing gates, you do not have to worry about opening the adjustable grazing gate by hand.

Extendable pasture fence gates for paddock, pasture and riding arena

Various possibilities are created by attaching adjustable grazing gates. A pasture gate is tried and tested and versatile. The following advantages apply to an adjustable pasture gate:

  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Easy to operate when driven through daily
  • Suitable for many animals (cattle, sheep, goats, horses, etc)
  • Extended up to 100 cm in the blink of an eye
  • Can be opened in both directions
  • Electrification possible with additional equipment
  • Mounting set included
  • Optionally lockable with padlock
  • Fully hot-dip galvanised

Locking options for grazing gates - Securely lock adjustable grazing gates with locking bolt & swing-through lock.

For opening in one direction, we recommend the galvanised locking option or the locking bolt for grazing gates. This is already included in the offer. A swing-through lock offers more flexibility. A swing-through lock allows the grazing gate to open in both directions. Of course, the delivery of the adjustable grazing gates includes everything that is needed for a complete installation on the pasture fence.

Conclusion: Adjustable grazing gates

An adjustable pasture gate is a stable gate that makes your pasture fence much safer and more practical. Thanks to reelectrification, the telescopic gate allows you to have a completely safe pasture fence. Order conveniently online today and have the pasture gate delivered free of charge directly to your stable.